Tapered Medium Length Side Part Haircut

With dark hair contrasted against platinum, this taper fade has extra depth. Used as a canvas for a subtle hair design, this mid fade also features an upward arc before dipping low around the back.

Long Quiff + Tapered Sides

The majority of men’s haircuts are short back and side variations, longer on top. For a broad spectrum of cuts and styles, these cool haircuts feature medium-length hair on top. We have volume, texture, waves, etc.

Taper for Thick Hair

Andrew Does Hair Tapered sides work well for guys with thick hair, creating a smooth transition from longer, messy hair on top to a a faded neckline.

Curly Hair with Taper Fade

This is among the commonly known taper fade medium hairstyles. It is categorized with curly middle hair and consists of two fading layers. The middle hair is big and curly. This means that a person can curl his hair to numerous designs. The second taper fading layer sheds almost the entire hair. In addition, the fringe hair is also curly.

This look calls for a medium length tapered hair at the center of the head. The hair is combed sideways in a wavy manner. This is where the entire volume of the hair is concentrated at. The rest of the hair is cropped off close to the scalp on either sides of the head. This look can be donned by a Ceo who wouldn’t mind being called a cool ceo. from suits to shirts this look will go with anything. adding highlights or color would make it look a little funkier.

Medium Length Tapered Haircut + Long Fringe

A great looking tapered haircut for men with a long fringe in the front styled up and back.

Taper Line Up

The taper lines trim and cleans the hairline around the front of the head and along the temples to produce crisp lines and edges. Also known in various barbershops around the globe as a shape up or edge up, the taper fade line up adds a badass touch to a strong design.

Long TaperedHaircut

If you feel you’re acquainted with this hairstyle because you are. In the previous seasons, it’s been a enormous hit. Therefore, it seems that everyone is wearing. This implies that every moment you walk down the road, you can see a nice opportunity.

Braids Fade Taper

Some individuals enjoy fashionable haircuts. If you are one of them, this haircut is worth checking out. The taper fade with braids in the haircut includes braids. A individual needs to have a meaningful middle hair that can be plated. The hair is then trimmed short in other areas in a downward order. Last but not least, the taper fade with braids also tells how to uniformly trim beards and give them a decent cut.

Chopped Taper Hair with Faded Sides

This is a hair of medium length cut to the middle of the head. The hair is cut randomly and it’s all about making it look uneven. Especially since the sides are kind of fading towards the bottom of the head on the sides, it’s a tending look. It’s appropriate for a casual working day. It’s a wonderful look that will make you look younger, adding to your sense of style future looks.

Low Taper Fade Short Afro with Edge Up and Part

This is a ideal illustration of low taper partition fade. On the black males, this hairstyle looks fantastic. If you have some sort of hair from Afro, then this hairstyle is bound to fit you. The hairstyle separation provides it a contemporary new look. Low taper fades dominate the design period and are used as their best shot by most stylists. You get minimal hairstyle decisions in Afro type of hair so make sure you choose the finest and most trendy cut ever.

Cool Classic Tapered Haircut + Low Fade

By chris barbercode Another fantastic clean taper haircut. Short side and back with medium flow on top.

Low Fade Taper

To get the low taper fade, you need to start it at the top of your ears, bend it over your hairline and land on your nape. This is a professional-looking haircut, so on any occasion you are welcome to sport it. As the low fade taper is focused on the back and sides, for a contrasting look, the top should be left longer.

How to Style A Taper Fade Haircut

It’s up to you to decide whether or not to style it.

Taper Fade

All you need to do to get this style is a straightforward taper fade in which your hair will gradually taper back and side. This is one of the most loved haircuts of contemporary times. This hairstyle can be adopted by nearly anyone. If you need a straightforward, sober and safer haircut with an edgy, experimental excitement of hair styling, it’s just for you. If you’ve got a curly hair, the fade taper does a nice job as well.

Fade Taper Haircut

There is something so alluring about triple undercuts and fade taper cut styles. This look is easy to pull off and even if it requires constant maintenance it is certainly worth the trouble.

Combover + Taper

Jessica Shippee This long on top, short sides and back hairstyle looks cool with or without product and styling.

Taper Fade Comb Over

As the name suggests, this is medium fade haircut suitable for people who prefer a lot of hair in the middle of their head. The taper fade comb over haircut allows a person to comb his middle hair in different ways, depending on their preference. It is suitable for people who don’t like beards. Finally, only the middle hair can be combed.


Disconnected Taper Fade

eha barber All about definition. With a shaved-in line, the top is cropped and disconnected from the sides. You want to balance it out with the assistance of a smooth taper fade on the sides as the look comes out sharp and edgy.

Classic Taper

You’ll find this taper haircut at the office. The fade may be a slow or dramatic change. The Business Classic Taper cut is yet another brief haircut loved by many males as it is a low maintenance style indeed. It also looks formal and very conservative. The gist is that the hair has a side partition and the sides and back have a tapered cut, although there are several processes in which one can generate a fresh look.

Tapered Sides + Long Hair + Cool Braided Top

This straight-up fade leaves hair lively and fun on top. A straight hairline edge above the forehead guides hair up and draws the eye to fine side details. Accomplished with a straight-edge, this detailed barber work looks sharp.

Short Taper Haircut

You can play with short hairstyles and add texture by going for a taper haircut. A short haircut will become immensely more interesting once you add an element of fashion and style to it, such as the taper.

Lower Taper Fade and Dreadlocks

Goat, taper fadehaircuts and heavy dreads show the bad boy side of any guy. If you like the concept, go for this kind of courageous look that looks like glossy locations as well.

Haircut Military StyleTaper

Haircut taper has a poor or threatening look. It’s no surprise, therefore, that even the army prefers to sport such a low maintenance, powerful haircut. That doesn’t mean that civilians can’t wear it either, though.

Taper Types of Fades

Thick Curls Taper Cut

It is possible to cut natural black curly hair into tapper style. You need a dense hair volume in this style. In this style, the hair’s sides and back should be trimmed in the lower size and lengthy hair should be in the front center part of the scalp. The hair up to the front can give a prominent and perfect shape to your face. It can sharpen your face’s components as well. On any teint, including dark ones, you can attempt this style.

Medium Length HaircutTaper

One of the simplest and best medium length hipster haircuts that have neither shaded nor shaved sides and do not include any bun or spike, yet easy and stylish and a perfect combination of trend and appeal. The medium length hair is held in complete quantity with a different cut to give a chaotic and stylish look while styling the hair. Medium length taper haircut is easily maintained as it is cutter-free and requires very minimal styling, and with the taper haircut the natural waves display their own beauty.

What Is A Taper Fade Haircut?

While the term “taper fade” is regularly used to describe both a taper and fade haircut, technically, they are different cuts and styles. Both tapers and fades refer to how your barber will cut the hair on the sides and back of your head, and both require the gradual blending of short to shorter hair.

A short, well-trimmed hairstyle with a clean cut razor side part is one of the most attractive hairstyles for black men who want to keep their hair short. We’ve got a separate list forafro-textured black men hair over here.

Low taper fade haircut

Despite taper fade haircuts are often called the most masculine and strong ones, we’ll start this list with something more elegant than classic taper fades. We are talking about the low taper fade cuts. Similar to the shadow beard, the neck beard can help you hide or accentuate specific facial features. If you want the illusion of a longer neck, for instance, it can help you achieve that very goal. On the flip side, a neck beard can also visually push your jawline up and make it stand out.

Skin Fade Taper Cut

This can easily be your go-to hairstyle for prom. It’s a very cool and trendy look but one that has a classic and subtle finish to it as well. Think Clark Gable meets Ryan Gosling and you’ll understand why your prom date will fall for this one.

Curly Shape Up with Taper Fade

Faux hawk taper

is great for men who always love to look artistic and cool. Because they require some gel and light brushing, the chaotic spikes are simple to create and retain. But by spicing it up, they have a great impact on your general character. So, why not shoot this one this season with the finest medium hairstyle of all of them?

Taper Hair Styles with Tattoo

You can combine a simple taper haircut with a hair tattoo design of your liking. This look is simply amazing and it won’t go unnoticed. Think of your design or ask your stylist to choose one for you. Although it will prove to be difficult to grow your hair later on, your look will be truly spectacular when you sport an undercut. For this haircut, we suggest that you leave a longer top.

Trendy taper undercut

It’s harder to answer this question than you might think. This is because man bun is an incredibly universal hairstyle with many distinct components. In reality, this hairstyle means wearing gathered hair from the top of the head, which does not hang down freely (as is the case with the ponytail). How this hairstyle looks can be affected by many variables–the size, length of hair and texture, a bun position. You have a wonderful opportunity to wear this trendy hairstyle if you are a medium length or long hair proprietor!

Mohawk Taper Haircut

Have you ever dreamed of a Mohawk look for your lengthy hair? Look no further, you need the Mohawk taper haircut. Your middle head hair should be left intact by your barber. Only to a certain level can he / she cut it. Also, a blonde look should be provided to the fringe hair, split into parts before combing backwards to join the middle head hair. All hair on the head of the hand and hair on the back of the neck should be trimmed short afterwards. There should be no cut in this haircut.

Medium Length Taper Fade Hairstyle

“You can never go wrong with medium length taper fade hairstyle; it gives you the look that switches smoothly from formal to party throb with bare minimum styling. You can wear it fundamentally super formal or go wild and experiment to suit your mood; this hairstyle provides you the correct canvas for painting on your correct approach. Depending on your choice or attitude, the fade can be casual or dramatic.

Spikes with tapered undercut

instead of pushing your hair back, you could also attempt pushing it up, almost like producing smooth spikes with your own hair, but remember to smooth down the sides with some hair gel to give it the feeling of “pulling together.”

Taper Fade Haircuts–Fade Types

The taper fade haircut is one of the most iconic and trendy men’s styles, offering a masculine yet clean look perfect for casual or professional situations. From the classic taper fade…

Slick Back Taper Cut Styles

A slick back can be perfect, or it can be a messy affair with a more casual and debonair look to it, such as this one. Pair it with a handlebar mustache and you will end up looking like you should be in a movie with Johnny Depp.

Classic Taper Side Textured Top and ThickStubble

It is an old-fashioned tapered cut with a textured top and a thick bread. The overall appearance makes it more popular among men. Taper fade adds more volume to the top, attracting a lot of attention and making your crowd stand out. It’s a very chic style that makes you look very witty. It’s a classic stylish hairstyle.

Mid Taper Fade

The mid-taper fade provides an appealing equilibrium of low and high fades. A medium taper begins halfway up the sides and back, giving men a happy midpoint that isn’t too sleek or boring. The mid taper’s benefit is that it works with the finest haircut styles, lengths and kinds of hair all around.

Taper Fade + Long Hair

The taper fade looks especially good with long hair. As one of the best short sides, long top haircuts, a long hair fade maximizes contrast on the sides and back to focus your eyes on the longer styling above. Medium-length to longer hairstyles also offer the advantage of versatility, giving guys the ability to try a number of different hairstyle ideas.

Classic Tapered Sides + Thick Brushed Back Hair

Classic Taper Cut with Trimmed Edges

A common hairdo these days that men seen to have fallen head over heels in love with, is the taper cut. The hair at the center will be longer and cut to stay separately from the sides. The hair on the sides will be cropped, and the length of the crop is adjusted to a medium length. The hairdo basically allows for the hit to be divided into three different parts. And each part can be styled differently. Add a little gel and always get this taper modified into a Mohawk anytime you wish to attend a party.

Taper Fade Mohawk

If you are not prepared for wild hair changes, you can just settle for a side sweep. If your hair is long enough on top then you can create all types of interesting with hair wax. Don’t forget some hairspray as the finishing touch.


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