Long Hair Undercut Hairstyle

This haircut has it all –medium length hair on top, thin shaved portion, and sides finishing in groomed beard.

Sexy Asian Heavy Stubble

Side with Very Long Beards

If you prefer facial hair, you should understand that the longer the beard, the more maintenance you need to bring in. However, to get a clearer concept of how you can cut yours, you can be influenced by thisshort hairlong beard combo.

Long Loose Curls Faux Hawk

“Regardless of whether you have a silky hair texture or just enjoy a complete mane, you can also look into lengthy blonde hair. You’ll have to pay more attention to caring for your locks, but the look itself is extremely flattering for some men.
Another hairstyle fit men with thick hair. Sharp strands will look good on the dark hair because dark color adds expressiveness. This haircut will not lose popularity for several years.

Long Bangs

This shot shows a modern way to wear side bangs without a bowl cut. The undercut beautifully forms his hairstyle, while without care the lengthy bangs are thrown to the side. This length of hair enables you to wear different styles, including sliced back.

Long FlipFront

If you don’t want to sport a hipster beard trademark, you can always go over – the-top hairstyle like this one. The hair’s dark chocolate color sits on a shaven head in waves.

Half Bun Half Down Long Hairstyles for Men

Half up, half down style is one of the most classic and tidier ways to wear your hair. With some assistance from a man bun, you can readily accomplish this look. The guy bun rests on the back of the top of the head while the rest of the hair flows freely down the back.

Stylish Long and Wavy Hair

“Only letting your hair grow can beat anything. If you choose this style, long hair will add texture and waves to your locks.

Side Sweep Comb over Long Hair

You don’t have to make any additional effort to get this look. You can keep it open if you have smooth hair as it is very manageable. But if you have curly and thick hair then with any good wax or balm you can control it. You will get longer hair till your knee in this hairstyle and by using any sleek dented comb you can sweep it aside.

Long Wavy Hairstyle

This haircut requires no hair items to create it look better. It’s all about the attitude and trust you’re wearing it with.

Thick, Long Hair with SingleBraid

Crew Cut with Shaved Sides and Long Beard

Longer hairstyles for men with thick hair

Guys with short and medium thick hair rarely ask questions such as “how to style thick hair” because they usually don’t have any problems with it. However, when it comes to longer hair, such issues occur more frequently. The thing is, longer hair is more likely to be frizzy— but don’t worry, this isn’t an issue that can’t be solved. Moisturize your hair, don’t forget the thicker hair goods (like a nice conditioner) and always let your hair air dry instead of blow-drying–this is one of the most popular reasons for frizziness for long-haired people. Basically, that’s all.

Long Wavy Hairstyle

All of a sudden, business shift to casual rebel, with a hairLong wavy top on one side with a buzzed undercut and ultimately a beard. It’s fine!

Wavy Long BlondeLocks

Allow it to grow longer if you were born withwavy hair and you tend to be unconventional in fashion. Pitt’s shoulder-long hairstyle wore inTroyserves as the ideal instance of how amazing long and wavy strands might look.

< br Still, even if the disconnection is now the season’s biggest star, that doesn’t imply you should forget other big hits from the past, like the top knot or the man bun. Especially because when put together they look so nice.

Long Bangs

A modern way that you can wear side bangs without having a bowl cut is depicted in this shot. The undercut shapes his hairstyle nicely, while the long bangs are thrown to the side without a care. This hair length allows you to wear various styles, including slicked back. ”

The Long Bangs

As far as emo hairstyles for guys go, this is another very recognizable one. The long and asymmetrical bangs cover one of the eyes in what has now become a staple haircut and look for the emo subculture. The black eyeliner and lip piercings are a must as well.

This look’s mandatory part: the elongated goatee.

The Long Hair Top Knot Men Idea

The first thing you need to think about when you have lengthy hair is to protect it as much as possible. So you need to embrace a couple of hairstyles that just do that. One of these is the top knot. Master it!

Long Ivy League Hairstyle Stubble

Full beard long hair

This look is for all long wavy hair men. Take one side and comb each side of the hair separately to let it fall along its natural waves. At the bottom of the throat, all the curls are gathered as the waves flow through the hair length. This look, coupled with a complete beard, will look even better. The hair’s look of salt and pepper does a excellent job of expanding the look into an awesomeness area. This look and a bow tie suit look like a ideal date night.

High and long hairstyle

“To continue our sequence of brief haircuts for males who are also twice as tight and tight as army hair. What makes it stand out is the crew cut or buzz cut top that blends into a skin fade haircut right after exceeding the bottom sides.”

Long Hair

Long and MediumDreads

“This hair includes dread wax, a residue-free shampoo, a comb, and hair ties, but it also has a hipster strategy by leaving your hair to curl into dreaded knots.

Modern Long Hairstyles for Men

Although many people prefer brief sporting locks, medium or long hair may look incredible on an outgoing person. For example, to bring out your rebellious side, you can consider ashaggy haircut like this.

Undercut with Long, Laid-Back Waves

A well-designed and stylish haircut–the promise of contemporary and prosperous men. The hairstyle with rasped temples and back of the head will help you emphasize the crown’s hair length and amount. Here the wavy hair is suitable because this haircut will be more original!

Lemon Juice Hairstyles for Long Hair

This vibrant platinum blond is a excellent way to alter the color of your hair. If you don’t have layers and your hair is all one length, this is a great choice as you try to decide how to add more life to your work.

Interesting long hair line-up ideas

Yes, line-up haircuts are not just for short-haired boys. Long-lined hairstyles can also look fantastic— well, we’re not talking about “waist long,” of course, it’s much more like medium-length. Would you like to see some cool cuts ideas? Then take a look at them right here!

Long Sliced Back Hair

You can quickly go for this hairstyle if you have a little lengthy and gray hair. The long-slicked back hair style with complete beards goes perfectly well. You’ve got to comb your hair back in backward, but it’s going to make it look a little uneven and chaotic. It looks sophisticated and elegant. It’s also clean and you’re going to be at your best with completely formed beards. This contributes to your character a little charm.

It may be a good idea to try Slicked Back Hairstyles for Men if you have short blonde hair. But in order to get the highest outcome, you need to follow the style in detail.


As mentioned earlier, braidsare truly mens hairstyles in this season. However, here’s a tip. Don’t worry about growing them as long as you like. Use a killer beard to pair them off and you’re nice to go.

Long Hairstyle

As the name suggests, you need a long hair length to be eligible for this haircut. Additionally, a person should have a blond and soft hair as this style entails combing hair sideways. Mostly, the hair is combed on the left side on the head in an ascending order. Thelong hairstylealso encourages a person to keep an average beard length, which is evenly trimmed. The beard also includes a moustache. In conclusion, this hairstyle managed to scope the best long hairstyle in

Men’s Long Hairstyle To Look Stylish AndTrendy

Surfer Long Hairstyles

Part it in the center or select a side and twist it over. Just don’t do too much other than that tousle to it.

Long Wavy Hair + Big Bun

Rory McCann as Sandor ‘ Hound’ Clegane–Season–Season No seasonal hair. His lengthy hairstyle, to be frank, serves a purpose.

Men’s Long Hairstyles Natural-Looking

The best thing you can do for your hair is to let it act naturally. If you have long wavy or thick hair, this means you’re free to let it fall and do whatever it wants. Whether that means some of the hair goes out to the sides or hanging heavily down your back, it probably still looks great!

The Very Long Undercut

This one is a variation of the one above. Therefore, all you need to do is let your hair grow very long. In addition, don’t forget about the undercut. Add a cool long earring and a lip pierce, and you’re good to go, hipster haircut-wise.

Bowl Cut with Long Side Bangs

For a modern variation of the bowl cut, you can add long bangs to your cut. Keep your hair smooth and straight and, optionally, you can also pair it with some stubble.

Burr Cut with Long Sideburns

Although this look doesn’t feature any facial hair, it does show extended sideburns, which sets it apart slightly from a more classic look. However, it is still versatile, which means it can be worn in many different situations.

Men’s Long Layered Hairstyle

If you have dense, wavy hair, you’ll have to search for it. For this style, hair in layered cut will be well established. You can sweep from the front all the bangs. You can use any hair mousse item to get the shiny look. It will also assist in setting and holding it correctly. The hair will be shorter until the throat and the front fringes.

Crown and long bang spikes

One of the brand’s latest hairstyles–sharp spikes on the crown and long bang! Such hairstyle on the straight hair looks the most advantageous. Using wax and hair spray will properly fix your hair and give your haircut expressiveness.

Long Faux Hawk Haircut

You can sport a long false hawk for a bolder and more youthful option. The lengthy faux hawk, unlike the shorter version, is all about attitude. Today, kids, teenagers, or men in their twenties are often able to see it. Note that for styling, however, you will need hair wax or gel.

Voluminous Long Hair

“Voluminous men’s hair is a style that requires your hair to do as it pleases. The longer length helps weigh the curls down, keeping them defined and becoming less probable to be frizzy. Gel or wax can hold in location your curls.

Men’s Long MohawkHairstyles

This example reinforces the idea of being young, wild and free. It may not be the typical look for a mohawk, but the findings are appealing and captivating. Men who grew their hair out and want to give it a twist can rock this stylish haircut.

Long Mullet Haircut While some people prefer shorter back locks as part of their mullet haircut, others would like to go a lengthy way. If you really want to highlight your overall look’s “mullet” aspect, you can consider leaving your hair at the back of your neck as long as you like.

Undercut with Long Wavy Top

Relatively lately, undercut hairstyle on curly hair has become common. The curly locks highlight the crown volume and make the haircut more than the original. The rasped temples are also a important upside, which sometimes disturbs the hair on the temples!

Undercut + Long Fringe

Stylish Long Haircuts for Hipster Guys

Let’s make clear here, the longer your hair is, the more hipster you are. Well, of course, we’re kidding. But with long male hair, isn’t there anything incorrect, right? In addition, for hipster boys, the variety of long haircuts is impressive: long faux hawks, long mohawks with undercut or shaved sides, long quiffs or just long hairs (like in the first photo).

Men’s Long Dark Hair

“This long, dark hair is common to Asian men. Wear it as much as you can, it will certainly make you look like a samurai warrior, but you can also choose a natural look.

The Long Samurai

We’ve already seen the short samurai bun, now it’s time to take a look at the long version. This is what a long samurai bun actually looks like, complete with a bushy beard. If you’re a fan and want to try it out, you should know that it’s all in the hair accessory.

Long Hair Top Knot Men

At a glance, the top knot may come across as quite a restrictive hairstyle. While the foundation may be fairly limited, the options are endless for the top. Even if your locks reach the middle of your back, you can tie them into an easygoing top knot for any occasion. Still, you should be aware that the longer your hair is, the longer the loose section at the end of the knot will be. If it ever becomes a hassle, wrap the tips all the way around your knot like a donut bun.

Longer Thick Hair Blown Dry

If you have thick thatch, you don’t have to think hard about suitable haircuts for medium hair because there is basically any medium hair cut. Styling can also be as small as you want. Just blow your locks drying after washing them will offer you an extensive and glorious look of hairstyle.

Crown Long Spikes

is the best choice for occipital males with long hair. You understand what spikes you need, yeah? It will generate the mess impression on the head and is appropriate for creative people. Such hairstyle will highlight its owner’s bright personality.

Long AsymmetricQuiff with Sculpted Fade

Brad Pitt Long Hairstyles

On the other hand, your hair can always be complete. If you’ve been born with dense locks with a pleasant texture as well, you can allow your hair to grow up to your shoulders. You can, of course, always let it develop longer, but be conscious that maintaining it will be more difficult.

See our website for more asymmetric cuts!

Goth Long Dreads

You don’t have to follow trends or go with the crowd, especially if you want to rock long hair. You can go all out with a two-tone hairstyle. Even more, you can shave down the sides and create dreadlocks for the longer part of your hair.

Braided long hair with undercut

is a relaxed hair for men with medium hair adoring younger adults.

Long Man Bun Braids

Flops Hairstyles for Long Hair

Simply referred to as “flop,” the nonchalant hairstyle was the highest trend variation of the other s greased looks.


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