Alfamo Cooling Towel

Coach towels are important because they are always sweating. If you want to offer your coach an unusual towel, though, then this cooling towel can be a excellent choice.


Thin Blue Line Mens Wooden Watch

If you’re searching for police officer watches, then this one should be! The wooden watch from the Thin Blue Line police officer is the perfect blend of usefulness and this minimalist piece is perfect for the laidback cops. For fallen heroes, the blue second hand and topstitching on the band makes it a unique memorial token.

Is the policeman loving whisky and cigars in your lives? After all, the two are going hand in hand. This Cal Ammo Can Gift Set for Police that has everything an officer wants with his favourite stogies and scotch for a pleasant evening of relaxation or to take him to cookouts and share with his colleagues. The reusable-caliber custom ammo can be engraved with your entire selection of name, badge number, initials, and sentence. Inside, there are two matching engraved whiskey glasses, a Zippo-police officer gifts for birthdays, pension, promotion, holidays, or appreciation occasions! Not included cigars.

Tidy Police Officer’s Car Seat Organizer

Believe it or not, squad cars can rapidly get cluttered. With this convenient adjustable car seat organizer, help the police officer in your career! With a dozen pockets for all you can believe of, this organizer will assist any policeman have it all to make his work a bit simpler. The connected strap secures it to the headrest of the seat or it can be used to hold it when required as a shoulder strap. This is a wonderful gift for detectives, soldiers, and all the policemen who like organizing themselves. Organizers for the vehicle or office are always good birthday, holiday, and appreciation gifts from police officers.

American Heroes Custom Decanter Set

America’s Finest are our heroes, and they deserve a beautiful gift to show off. This set of American Heroes Personalized Decanter and Whiskey Glasses is all customized with an engraved American flag above your choice name, title, and date. These beautiful glasses are one of the finest gifts for police officers who have just retired, particularly if you engrave the date they graduated or retired from the academy so that they can show off their years of service.

Cop Who Loves Beer Bottle Cap Shadow Box

Does your policeman have a collection of bottle caps that he does not have a nice place to show? Then he requires a shadow box with a beer cap to show off his bottle caps proudly. This beautiful shadow box is etched with a design of a police badge along with your choice of name and badge number. This shadow box can hold dozens of bottle caps, showing your officer’s beer aficionado. Shadow boxes are excellent gifts for police officers who appreciate showing off the broad range of beers they appreciate, like freshly graduated policemen.

Bulletproof Sunglasses good Police Officer gift

Everyone requires a nice couple of sunglasses, but police officers need a cozy, fog-resistant, bulletproof pair. These tactical sunlasses fulfill all the criteria that a police officer requires: polarized lenses block percentage of UV rays, the durable frame is resistant to impact and contours to your head, and all the sunlasses are evidence of bullet and scratch! Sunglasses like these create lovely birthdays or holidays donations for police officers. These sunglasses are the finest equipment from academy graduate to captain for police officers of all ranks. They still swear by even veterans and retired policemen and only want to wear them instead of standard sunglasses.

Cool Beer Gift Set

You can’t go wrong with a custom donation linked to the interests of a cop. Get them this cool gift set if he or she likes drinking beer! It comes with two matching custom pint lenses and a custom bottle opener made of a true bullet. Seriously, this easy but thoughtful gift set would appreciate any policeman. Plus, for any occasion it’s fantastic!


Custom Engraved Hatchet for New Police Officers

Sometimes you need a hatchet when you’re in law enforcement. Only a hatchet will assist an agent clear the way if a big tree limb drops and blocks the highway. This hatchet is not just an ancient hatchet, though, it’s a Tactical Hatchet Custom Engraved! This beautiful axis is sleek, lightweight and comes with a snap-on nylon sheath for safekeeping, one of the greatest gifts for police officers you can offer. For a nice personal touch, you can engrave the hatchet with the name, title, and badge number of the officer. Hatchets are great gifts for academic graduation gifts in order to prepare the new officers for anything

Gauge Shotgun Shell Coaster Set

Coasters are an essential household item to help keep your counters and hardwood furniture clear of watermarks and stains. If your police officer loves shooting shotguns at the range, he or she would appreciate this elegant Gauge Shotgun Coaster Set. These cool coasters are all hand painted and fitted with no slip grip padding to maintain the drinks in position. These cool coasters are simple gifts for birthdays, holidays, or gratitude from police officers.


Stainless Steel Bottle Opener Police Badge

Wanted the headlock but got the leg lock. Rick flair style, don’t worry, I’d gift this to my boyfriend when he graduated from the Police Academy! I don’t know who to ship. It’s been a success! People loved it–they were shocked how well and how well it worked. Good element would advise whether or not to get someone debating. Looking good mounted on my cooler… but you have to provide an external and internal mounting plate for this use… On the outside, there is a 1/16 inch thick frame of stainless steel 304 and it reveals a wooden composite wooden block back platform just below the coolers inner flange seal… The cooler is an Igloo Cooler 52qt with wheels and a pull handle… available at Amazon. My siblings are both police officers, I purchased it for storage and they loved it.


Be Safe Key Chain

As we all understand, there is a dangerous job for police officers. They safeguard others and catch the bad guys, even on accidents and wars they come to the rescue. They are the protector of the people, swimming in hazardous waters.

This easy keychain with “Be Safe” is made of stainless steel. It’s the finest donation ideas for police girlfriend or wife that will certainly warm their heart out. There’s nothing happier than knowing that someone wants you to be secure and wait for you to come back.

Whiskey gift set

Have you ever seen a more ideal donation from the police? Every policeman would be thrilled to receive such an amazing gift from the custom whiskey glass to the bullet-shaped whiskey rocks and bottle opener. When he comes back from work, the set will be the first thing he will achieve, whether he feels like a scotch on the rocks or a cold beer. The nifty bullet whiskey bottles are produced of stainless steel, keeping his choice whiskey completely chilled until the last drop without diluting the flavour. The bottle opener even consists of a true bullet.-caliber! He’ll certainly want his partner and fellow policemen to show off the set! This amazing gift set would create a wonderful vacation, pension, or promotional gift.


Costume for Police

I bought the dress-up police suit for our school students, who fulfill their weekly objective. You have a special privilege of having a daily Perimeter Test through the school with our Resource Officer! Thank you. Thank you. The dress-up gear, insignia make it hard to achieve their goal. We don’t let them use a gun and a night stick, of course, but the walkie talkie’s great!
I purchased my grandchild’s police uniform. As e grows up, he wants to be a police officer. And I purchased it in November for his birthday. He doesn’t know. He doesn’t know. Yet I know he’s going to get so excited when I bring him he’s going to be six. It’s well made, true to the true uniform, beautifully constructed. As it doesn’t have a weapon, I bought a separate Amazon police bag with the gun and various accessories including a bullet-proof vest, working phone, handcuffs, a cop stick and a badge. Thanks so much to Amazon! Thank you so much!
My twin grandchildren of five years absolutely love these police costumes! They played many hours with them, and we were “under arrest” many times! The jackets suit them well with space for further development. The toys are all plastic, but they all work fine. I definitely recommend this package and will purchase from this seller other suits.
This is a perfect birthday present for a four-year-old. He really liked it, not only dressed up, directed the traffic (and his siblings), but brought it to his bed. The name of the game is imagination!
It’s been a great set. My son was in the sky. I wish the package had a holster and a weapons belt. The fabric was also hoped not to use that kind of nylon, but the west pockets are good for holding instruments, such as flashlights and handcuffs. The Identification badge was a great addition.
Not all the pieces are high quality, but they’re worth the money and do their job very well.



Hidden Badge Wallet

Everyone needs a wallet to keep their money and ID, but in particular police officers need to hold their badge. This bifold wallet has plenty of room for money, cards, and a slot with a cover for his police badge to maintain it hidden while undercover and wear-protected. This simple but incredibly useful gift for police officers, made from genuine leather, is something they will definitely need and appreciate greatly. Undercover equipment for police officers who are detectives or covert operatives create the finest gifts.

Manly Beer Gift Set

Looking for an awesome gift from the police? It’s this set of custom beer gifts! Whether your husband has just been promoted to Captain or your father leaves the force, this set is one of the most impressive gifts. He’ll love to show off his home bar the personalized pint glasses and share a drink after a long day with his fellow officers. He’ll love to show off his cool fresh opener made of a true bottle. Ballet caliber! He was also able to use it at job as a paper weight. The beautiful pocket knife is a sweet bonus gift he will surely love because you can’t have too many pocket knives. Best of all, it is possible to reuse the corresponding military surplus ammunition box to store all types of stuff for the range from job equipment to live rounds. Seriously, have you seen this amazing gift set with a cooler police officer gift?

Custom Ammo Can

If the officer is an outdoor enthusiast in your life, then this custom ammo box is needed. Some police officers like to have a hobby when they get home every day to take their mind off their job. That’s camping for some! The ammo box is customized with your choice name, title, and number.

Police Husband Daddy Hero Shirt

There are times when all the needs of a policeman are support and love, an assurance that someone is proud of them and appreciates their sacrifices.

And for times like that, this tee is the perfect gift idea. Let your life’s police officer demonstrate how proud he is with three easy phrases to be a police officer: father, husband, hero.

And the US flag badge makes it more meaningful. For your precious officer (Black, Navy, Red, Royal Blue, and Dark Heather) choose the perfect color and show them what you care about.


Correctional Officer Shirt

Police and women will surely love the humor of this T-shirt that reads: “I can’t solve stupid, but I can cuff it.” Choose one of the colors (Black, Navy, Royal Blue, Brown, and Olive) that fits their character, wrap it and offer it as a gift.

It’s so easy. The convenience of polyester and cotton blends will enjoy every cop.

Custom Wine Glass Promotion Gift

If you understand a policeman who loves good wine rather than beer as a drink, then a custom wine glass would be a wonderful donation. This stemmed wine glass is customized underneath with a police badge with a badge number and the complete name of your choice. Holding ounces of red or white wine, this lovely glass is the ideal gift for male or female police officers who see themselves as wine connoisseurs or a private promotional gift. A custom wine glasses are always excellent ideas for donations from police officers, particularly for the freshly promoted officer to enjoy a glass of chardonnay’s congratulations.

Always Come Home To Me

This comes in parts just like the first keychain. The larger one has a line that says: “Always come home safe to me” with a cutout form for the lower charm with a line that says: “My hero.” The ideal couple gift that means a notable symbol of a harmonious bond of love.

Police Badge Custom Whiskey Box Set

Want to show your lifetime appreciation to the police officer, but don’t know what to get? A boxed gift set is always a great idea for a donation, particularly if after a lengthy day they enjoy relaxing with a drink. This custom engraved box set includes a matching engraved whiskey glass, a set of pieces of whiskey rock.

Miniature Tactical Vest Beverage Holder

This may be one of the most funny gifts you can offer to policemen. A funny drink koozie with the word POLICE on the front taking the shape of a tactical vest makes a nice vehicle organizer for the police.


Smith Wesson Police Watch

Working hours or daytime shifts, police officers can readilylose time track. Give the officer a Smith Wesson watch in your life with a beautiful blue face and a tiny design of the police badge. This tactical watch has everything an officer requires: date, backlight, glow in the dark hands and markings, an adjustable, durable nylon band, and water-resistant to feet. This watch would be a wonderful gift to a graduate of a police academy or to an active duty officer as an opportunity gift. Watches are classic gifts for birthdays or promotions from staple police officers.

The Perfect Decor for His Home Bar

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Thin Blue Line Custom Wooden Sign

You are searching for distinctive and appreciated gifts from police officers. This beautiful custom wooden sign is what you were looking for! Handcrafted from birchwood, this custom sign features a black and white American vintage-looking flag with a thin blue line signature over two lines of your choice of text. For your office, a lieutenant or captain would enjoy this custom sign or it would be an amazing birthday or appreciation gift to the officer in your career.

Ultimate Police Officer Gift

Police are often people who love drinking beer and smoking cigars when they are out of duty. What’s a better gift with their favourite stuff than a collection? This patriotic set of gifts for beer and cigar comes with a custom beer mug, a cigar cutter, lighter, and a custom tactical knife. The policeman you give this set will be ecstatic when it comes to getting his own custom beer mug and a cool fresh knife for job. He will always be ready for a cigar thanks to you as well! This awesome gift set is a great gift from the police for any occasion, whether he is a retired cop or on the force at the moment.

USA Beer Cap Map for Cops

Does your policeman like to travel and attempt local beers? Well, for him we have the ideal gift! This big American Beer Cap Map has plenty of room to show the bottle caps he kept from his favourite local brews while on holiday or coaching across the nation. One of the coolest police officer donations for beer aficionado is a beer cap map that simultaneously displays bottle cap collections and shows off comprehensive travel.

Whiskey Gift Set for Cops

Nothing like a whiskey glass after a lengthy patrol day. All he wants to do is relax when your officer gets home. What’s a better gift than one that’s going to assist him do that? This set of whisky gifts is ideal for policemen enjoying the good spirit. The custom old-fashioned double glass is great for a rock or cocktail classic scotch. Without watering down the flavor, the distinctive whiskey stones will chill his drink. How cool is it? He’ll enjoy on the glass and box the cool patriotic badge, particularly as it’s personalized for him alone.


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