Rectangular Viking Beards

“Red Beard Viking Styles

Rollo Viking Hairstyles

Ragnar’s brother Rollo is the definition warrior. To scare off his enemies, he embodies the savage Viking who fights naked and has a bushy beard and long black hair. He is the one who conquers the north of France, and creates what we now know as Normandy, the Norseman’s land, according to real history.


Rounded Viking BeardStyles

Savage Viking BeardStyles

Savage Viking Hairstyles

This is what a true Viking would look like once again. Apparently tall, strong, and wild. Their preferred tactics of fighting instilled fear into the hearts of their opponent by looking like barbarians. Hair played a key role.


Semicircle Cheek Line with VikingBraids

This guy could join this guy in his fight against the frost giants from the beginning! Look at that smooth cheek as curves down, then rise up just enough to meet the line of the moustache. If you can get those braids, extra points!

Shaped Viking BeardStyles

Short Faux Hawk-Historically Accurate VikingHairstyle

Short Viking Beards

Skin Fade Viking Beards


Slick Back Viking Hairstyles

This is another Viking TV show character. Earl kalf, he’s wearing his hair in a completely different way. His hair is long, brown, and luscious, and he slicks it back in the middle, half down the ponytail.

Smaller Viking Beard Braids

Square Viking Beards

Straightened Viking Beard Styles

Super Long Viking Beard Styles

Super Styled Viking Beards

Swept Back Viking Undercut with Giant Beard and Wild West Mustache

All you need is the right styling approach to get a Viking-inspired hairstyle. For example, the swept-back look above is perfect for men with any length of hair. Combine them back casually and add a touch of product.


Tattooed VikingHairstyle

As the series progresses, we can see an old Ragnar and how Viking hairstyles may have aged over the years. His head is completely shaved off, he still has a bushy beard, as is the Viking custom, in penance and remorse for the death of one of his best friends, and he has added even more tattoos to his scalp.


Loose Viking Braids

If you find some of them braiding a tad that is too complicated or time-consuming for your taste, you can always choose something much simpler. Part in two of your long hair and braid it loosely in three ways. Let it hang your shoulders freely.

Viking Bald Fade

Here is Ragnar from the famous Viking TV series, played by travis fimmel actor. He wears traditional Viking braided nordic haircuts to inspire you.

The Viking Braid

Speaking of braids, we couldn’t miss the daddy of all of them, Ragnar Lothbrook’s braid in hit TV series ‘ vikings.’ It’s a long, traditional, warrior braid, with shaved sides, later in the series, ragnar decorating with tattoos.


The Viking Braided Beard

The braided beard is one of the staples of Viking hairstyles. In pictures you may have seen it and tried to replicate it yourself. It’s easier than you’re thinking. All you need is a lot of patience to wait for your beard to grow and to groom it with tons of beard oil.

The Viking Hipster Haircut

You can also take a cue from King Ragnar and his Vikings to the top of the hipster coolness ranks. This is a top man bun combined with a back braid and shaved sides, just as used to wear the Northmen.

Viking Man Bun Hairstyle

Historically it is known that the Vikings needed to keep their hair out of their eyes when they pillaged and plundered. So they preferred to tie it back stylishly. Therefore the bun of the Viking man came to be. Naturally, we kid.

Top Knot Viking Style

Have you ever wondered how the Vikings used to wear their hair? If you did, your answer is here. This is as close as you can to having a Viking haircut with historical accuracy. The top knot plus shadowed ponytail plus.

The Viking Zero FadeHaircut

There is no historical evidence that this is how the Vikings wore their hair, but how they were portrayed in the hit Viking TV series. And that’s what we love. We also think that this should be an inspiration for all those who want warrior braids.



Tucked in Viking Braids

If you’re not a knot fan, a man’s braid or a ponytail to finish a man’s French braid, you can always tuck in the ends. It will create a very elegant look that you can even wear, like a wedding, for a special event.

Twisted Braids Viking Hairstyles

While we don’t really know why he was called the Boneless, history tells us that Ivar was actually Ragnar’s son and that he was totally wild. In addition, this is the man we owe England today as the country we know. He has a set of twisted cornrow braids and a taper fade here on the show






Twisted OfficeViking

If you didn’t resonate with our other office-friendly Viking hairstyles, here’s one you might enjoy. We recommend it to guys with long hair as an easy hairstyle, with just a little twisting to pull back the locks.

Twisted Viking Rows with Undercut

With this idea, this time with one of Ivar the Boneless’ hairstyles, we’re back to the Vikings show. Alex Høgh Andersen, the actor portraying Ivar, shows that instead of a fully braided look, you can use a twisted hairstyle.

Two Layer Viking Beard Styles

Unruly Viking Beard Styles

We recommend a Viking look with a sophisticated hairstyle for this. You can tuck the tips under the main part with a couple of hairpins after braiding the top.

Viking Beard BraidStyles

Viking BeardBraid

While cool beard braid styles are not unique to Vikings alone, they still qualify as one of the hottest ways to make good haircut accessories! “Viking Beard Styles for Older Men

Viking Beard Styles for Black Men

Viking Beard Styles for Older Men

Viking Beard Styles with Longer Mustaches

Viking Beard Styles

You know who can get a beer keg down and then fight a frost giant army down? This guy probably! The look really has so few: a thick, bushy beard, Viking, near no trimming, but spectacular results!

Viking Braids For Men

Viking braids provide an elegant way of creating a unique look. Guys can braid hair of all lengths, choosing to merely intertwine a few strands or their entire hair. Similarly, it can make all the difference how you braid your hair and what kind of hairstyle you braid.

Viking Braids for Men

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Viking Cornrows with Handlebar Mustache

Cornrows are undoubtedly one of the most popular braids for men out there. They look amazing on all sorts of guys, whether or not they have Viking-like beards. If you want to mess around with your look, cornrows are definitely the way to go.

Viking Descendants

It is a commonly known fact by now that Vikings were also the ones who first discovered America. Therefore, who knows the traces and legacies they might have left behind? In their honor, sport this intricate and weaved set of braids.


Viking Dreadlocks

If you’re willing to invest some time and effort into your hair dreadlocks. If you don’t want to wait until your hair is grown out or the dreads are formed, use some hair extensions.

Viking dreadlocks

having your dreadlocks down or in a pony may not be the only way to go. if you want to look clean, stylish and at the same time have your hair away from the face, this viking hairstyle for men is perfect. all you need is pins to hold your hair in place, and you’ll have stunning crown-like dreads.

Viking Hair Braids

As a Viking warrior, you would have to have braids. The longer, the better. Pair them up with a well-groomed beard and you can actually wear these Viking hairstcentury because braids are really in.


Viking Hair: Hairstyles for Men That Are Dead On

Viking hair is definitely one of a kind. Viking’s were Norse explores known for their ruthlessness in combat and even in appearance. Their look and appearance have often been debated over. One of the significant elements of their hairstyle is looking savage and different.

Viking Hairstyles for Fine Hair

This is Harald Finehair. With a name like that, how could we have not included him on our list of the best Viking hairstyles? Harald is a king himself and an ally of Ragnar’s. He wears his hair twisted in very fine braids which he then ties back in a ponytail so that he can showcase his awesome face tattoos.


Viking Hairstyles for Men

Though this does look best with the Nordic appeal of blond hair, anyone can pull off this Viking hair involve a messy appearance that is characterized by long hair on the bottom flowing freely and a natural curl or stick straight length finishing off the look.

Viking Hairstyles for Receding Hairlines

Ragnar may be king, but Floki is the one who completely stole the show in the Tv series, thanks to actor gustaf skarsgard’s outstanding performance. his hairstyle is absolutely unique in the world of vikings, as is his black eye makeup.


Viking Hairstyles for Redheads

Here’s a hair color that bears resemblance to the traditional Viking hairstyles. As we all know, they were more or less a fair people, with blonde hair and light colored eyes. Therefore, we might not be wrong in saying that they had a few fire beards among them as well. And just how cool is that for a warrior name? Steinn Fire Beard, steinn meaning stone.


Viking Hairstyles with a Ponytail

If you think ponytails are a bit too boring, then you can dress them up. Add an undershave and a braid. Suddenly, the plain ponytail has become the playground for something spectacular to behold!


Viking Hairstyles with Small Beards

Viking Hairstyles

Viking hair today’s hottest looks. Below, check out the best traditional short and long Viking hairstyles for men. If you’ve got the attitude and confidence to pull off one of these badass hair and beard styles, we highly recommend you grow out your facial hair and try the fierce look.


Viking Long Hair

Whether or not this hairstyle combines Viking with elf is anybody’s guess. All we know is that it looks beyond cool and that we are dying to try it. The braids, as well as the sleek pompadour on top finish with a long, blonde ponytail.

Viking Man Braid

Lesia Kapinosova/ Viking braids won’t make you feel jealous only if you’re sporting them yourself. In Viking braids male hairstyle, you usually create them only with your top hair while the sides and back are given a trim. Great news about the braids for men is that they can be crafted with any hair length.

Viking Man Bun with Beard

Viking Man Bun

Viking Man Bun

Another great example of mens long hair is a Viking man bun. First of all, the hair type does not make any difference to this ‘do as men with straight, wavy or curly locks can pull it off equally successfully. Second, it’s so easy to create man buns that you won’t even notice you tie one each day. Use your hands not a comb to pull your hair back for a look that is especially Viking. This is going to make the bun messier and more dashing.


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