Textured Comb Over + Mid Fade

This is a similar but different way of wearing a side part. This version is further split to one side, leaving plenty of dense hair with added texture and quantity to be combed over.

Slicked Back Sides Medium Hair

Would you like to add a little height to your hair, but are you not prepared to commit a pump or quiff to shaved sides? All you need to do is back the sides of your hair in a more uniform shape and then fluff the front hair with the product.

Best Men’s Medium Hairstyles

For inspiration on how to wear your medium length hair, we’ve compiled an inspiring gallery of medium length hairstyles. Check out these pictures before your next visit to the hair salon!

If your hair is straight and silky, be ready to run your hands through it, lots, with a style of flow. Because of the texture of yourmid-length locks, without any hair product, it is difficult for them to remain in location. But, hey, loose strands are extremely appealing across the forehead.

Mid Shaved Sides + Textured Faux Hawk

Medium Curls and Beard

Looks at all the curly males out there. Just when you thought it’s the only choice left for individuals with hair like yours to trim and keep your hair short, we’ve come up with a super incredible look to fit your requirements. The hair is maintained at a medium length, allowing the natural curls to be in location. With a tiny trimmed beard, this can be held and the whole look is just incredible one straight out of the films.

Cool and Casual–Medium Length

Any kid will enjoy a haircut that needs as little fuss as this one does. No need for brushing–just a fast finger-through comb and it’s performed! Super short back with gradually longer locks shifting from the top of the ears to the front where the hair drops from the crown to the top of the brows.

High Top + Mid Fade

Mid fade operates from brief to long and conservative to cool with every hairstyle. In the lengthy hair and cool categories, the rounded high top falls. The fade angle reflects the hair on top, highlighting this fresh style’s bold lines.

Medium Length Haircut

Induction Cut any medium length hair is by far the most popular of all hair lengths for men, not because it looks incredibly awesome, but also because it is extremely versatile and can be played with and shaped as you please.

Medium Viking Hairstyles

No definitive record indicates the length of their hair. So how you want to wear it is completely up to you. However, because it may be the simplest to handle and retain, we recommend a medium duration.

Men’s Medium Haircut

Glassbox Barbershop This cut is medium length all over with some length and.

Medium LengthHairstyle

Your beard can of course be completely arranged, which also does not apply to your hairstyle. The medium-length hairstyle balances these two and it also provides you an unconventional look of a gentleman.

Medium Length Beach Hair

There’s something to say about the hair appeal once you get out of the ocean and you don’t have to live off the shoreline to get it. Let your hair dry into its natural waves and add a little mousse into the strands to assist shape those beachy, allled waves that make people one of the finest hairstyles of medium length.

Medium Length White Hair

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Medium bangs with subtle undercut

“Medium bangs and undercut fringes have been quite common in recent years. All attention is focused on the top of the head, where your charming features can best be highlighted.

Trendy Mid Fade

Increasing numbers of males are fading. It’s hip, it’s trending here. The excellent thing about this hairstyle is it flatters all kinds of hair, making your hair styling simpler for you.

Smooth Top and Mid Fade

Hair gel or hair wax can easily turn your mid fade hairstyle and top in a smooth looking hairdo. Luckily, this kind of hairstyle doesn’t require excessive styling to look this awesome. Your natural smolder will do the trick.

Medium Length Wavy Men Hairstyles

Medium Length Wavy hair is best displayed. If it’s too brief, you’re not going to get anything from the waves, and if it’s too long, the length and weight of the hair strands may pull them down and smooth it out.

Jeff Bridges Medium Length Hairstyle

A combed over loose hair made even better by a touch of natural charm, and you get the perfect look. See how good Jeff Bridges looks with this hairstyle?

Intentionally Unkempt Medium Hairstyle

If your hair comes naturally straight and you wish it had a little more weight to it, give it an intentionally unkempt and tousled look. All you have to do to achieve this is add a little mousse and rough up your hair a bit. Then, brush it back and watch the texture unfold.

Medium Asian Men Hairstyles

However, until your hair grows to that length, you can enjoy this medium or long bob. We especially love the blunt and choppy ends as well as how equal the cut is all over. It’s truly a haircut for

This is what we would call a low skin fade connected to the beard through some tapered sideburns. The beard itself has been trimmed to make it look pointy, removing the unwanted hairs on the neck.

Medium Hairstyles for Men–Flaunt Your DapperPersonality

Medium length side part

“Men’s shoulder length hairstyles are easy to remove and our constant styling needs to be done. Asimple side-swept appearance enables your hair to fall naturally. Evite anything that takes away the natural look.

Classic MediumHairstyle

To make it look modern, you don’t necessarily have to cut your hair. You can choose a medium hairstyle that requires little maintenance, but has the best results.

Classic Robert Taylor Middle Part

Mid-piece fade with part

The mid-piece fade haircuts. They are the “golden mean” and the ideal balance, as one can imagine — whether you have brief, medium or long hair, they will look good on you. The same applies to the texture— thin, dense, wavy, curly and straight hair is ideal for cutting mid-taper fade. Well, like all the other fades in the taper, right? But the mid-taper fades are also ideal for those who are not too conservative and not too “moderate” looking for something Check the pictures right here!

Deep MediumHairstyle

You have a lot of hair and you’re not sure how to handle it, right? Start right above the ear from the side and divide it there, allowing your locks to hang freely on one side. In some instances, they can serve as bangs or just as a way to make a bold statement with your hair.

Medium Length Boy Haircuts

Dean Anthony Salon This longer cut is a messy take on the classic boys ‘ haircut. Layering adds some texture to an otherwise preppy look that adds a cool touch.

Deep Medium Hairstyle

You have a bunch of hair up and you’re not sure how to handle it, right? Start right above the ear from the side and divide it there, allowing your locks to hang freely on one side. In some instances, they can serve as bangs or just as a way to make a bold statement with your hair.

Popular Mid Fade Look

Many mid-fade look differences exist. Particularly this hairstyle is a common option among many males who prefer brief haircuts in sport. It looks great on men with thick hair as it gives them a way to fight the problem.

Scissor Cut Medium Length Hair Slicked Back

The low bun takes most of the hair back while the front looks smooth. The beard, asymmetrically trimmed to have a coolness that is hard to overlook, takes this neatness to the rugged side.

Simple Trendy Medium Hairstyles for Boys

This is really a great thing about boy’s medium haircuts that they can be styled in any way provided that a person knows how to play with them. Boys… <div</div

Middle Part Hairstyle

If you’re interested in rocking longer hair, you can look into hairstyle with a middle part.

Medium Hairstyles of Men

Oval faces also operate very well with medium hair. Although we must warn you that the verticality of the face will be shortened by a medium length. So if that’s what you need, this is the trick you need to know.

Windblown Medium Length Haircut

The windblown style is essentially another messy quiff, except the sides are going to be longer, of course. Brush back the sides of your medium length hair flat against your head and push back the top length of your hair with just a bit of gel to keep everything in its place with this type of medium length hairstyles for men.

Sliced Men’s Back Medium LengthHairstyles

This cut is the best all-purpose texture with lots of length. Not every lengthy cut on top needs a soft look. This cut is suitable for a professional daily use for more pretentious workplaces while this is your look afterwards. MenHairsylist.com’s trending content!

This is where we have loads of more pompadour inpsired reductions.

This is a typical medium-sized haircut with very lengthy bangs divided down the center. Use some mousse or hair wax to ruffle it a little and settle it with a little hairspray.

Brad Pitt looks divine as he walks back in a medium gelled slick with goatee, a pair of leopard print sunglasses, a heavy golden necklace and a casual white suit to complete the picture.

Single braid bun with medium beard

Two braids run to the back of the hair at the top and then linked up cleanly in the middle. To make the top up more noticeable, the sides and the back are shaved. The medium beard increases your hotness full and wide, so if you want something fun, try this man bun with beard.

Gray Quiff with Medium Length BeardHairstyle

Summer is about relaxing under the sun and enjoying simple things. The hair quiff hairstyle will certainly keep you cool (if you catch my drift) is just as essential.

Medium Comb Over

Disconnect Medium Length Men Hairstyles

“Rasped sides give you a cool contrast to the long top of the fringeon. This hairstyle disconnect looks great without tattoos.

Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Longer men’s hair requires cuts as much as short hair, just not as often. The occasional trim will shape hair, cut out weight and helps in styling. Without removing much length, this cut creates a fresh profile and clean cut style.

Medium Length Hair Comb Over

There are so many options for youto wear the side part hairstyle. This exquisite comb over is slick but loose with a hint of fringe at one side. Hair wax shapes the style and it keeps it in place for a long period of time.

Medium Length Hair Orlando Bloom

Sometimes you have so many curls that it can be difficult to figure out what to do with them. Get them out of your face but keep them in the foreground by rubbing your locks with a little gel as you lift them up and brush them back to create a cascading effect.

Medium Length Men’s Hairstyle

‘ Medium length haircut form may be neat or chaotic, contemporary or classic. They might also be worn up or even down. Here, more length suggests more options. Short hair appears to be basically low maintenance. Every time, however, this is not the case. The hairstyle takes excellent cut through tapered sides and could reach long in the midst of visits to barbers. The half inch of development on a bald fade completely changes the shape of the haircut. This similar long hair growth is about longer.

Medium layered haircuts for Asian guys

Grey messy hair falling on the eyes and careless top of the head are perfect not only for young guys but also and for aged men.

Medium Length Wavy Hairstyle

Medium-length hair is a major advantage for men! They offer the owner the chance to dream and choose the right hairstyle! Look at this sweet style of hair. The elongated fringe on wavy hair offers unparalleled volume and looks incredible. The haircut and styling itself complete a contemporary and fashionable man’s picture!

Side Part Haircut + Mid Skin Fade

Why are fade haircuts so popular? Why do men see them as highly stylish? Everything is simple: fade is the small but very important detail that has an enormous effect on the way your new hairstyle is made.Who says that when it comes to your hairstyle, you have to go with the crowd? Never hesitate to show it through your grooming choices if you have a bold personality. This long, edgy haircut is amazing to focus on your assets and forget everything about the hairline.

Sharp Mid FadeHaircut

Surely this modern looks sharp on the mid-fade haircut. Due to the beautiful waves, the styled long top and the mid-fade haircut are bound to turn heads.

Soft Spikes Mid-Length

This product is simpler to style.

Medium BeardHairstyle

It’s secure to say that Bradley Cooper likes to develop his wonderful beard when he’s between creative projects. And we can’t get enough of it because, particularly when combined with that medium, it looks incredible, curly haircut.

Medium Length Disconnect

Although in this situation the shave and disconnect is performed flawlessly, the color is what we enjoy the most. It’s a blonde beige coupled with some sand. You can see through the strands the sun-kissed tones.

Medium Natural Curl

It may be tempting for men with natural hair to keep it short for easy maintenance, but consider letting those luscious curls fly free. Fluff out those curls and give the volume of your hair to let your curls dominate your style, giving you an edgy look and a confident appeal.

If you’re going to rock a Tom Hardy beard, you can go out full. Channel your internal Hardy and be motivated by his mentality that I-really-couldn’t-care-less. Your outcome might turn out to be an additional dense, bushy beard. A bit of light grooming should do the trick to make it slightly more presentable to the ordinary person.

Medium Length Layered Haircut

Nothing but our favourite actor Chris Hemsworth, aka superhero Thor, has attempted this style. He’s attempted this style on his brunette hair, but with dark hair you can do that too, and it’s going to look just as incredible. The first thing you need to do is to cut your hair in layers. Your hair will be added by the layers. So, if you have thin hair, this style will be really useful. Use a thick-toothed comb to brush it casually, and you’re prepared.

Best Medium DreadlocksStyles

Mid Fade + Textured Medium Hair + Stubble

Most Popular Medium Haircuts for Guys with Straight Hair

Men do often have straight hair –more often than curly hair. Such hairstyle grants the owner with a strong look and serious eyes. However, the imaginative guys use all their creativity and try to diversify their hairstyle, even if it is very hard to be changed to something less boring. Gel or mousse with a strong styling effect, hairdryer, and skillful hands –and voila! Your day-to-day straight haircut looks pretty different from the usual one!

Category: Medium Hairstyles

Cute Mid Fade

This adorable, next-door guy look deserves an opportunity. It’s a super easy hairdo styling and a nice touch is the mid-fade. Plus, on a very delicious cake, the quiff in the front looks like the icing.

Mid Skin Fade

Comb Over Mid Fade Hairdo

This comb over reveals a dramatic undercut, a larger than life hard part, and a mid fade hairstyle. The vintage air of the comb over is softened by the modern touch of the undercut and mid fade.

Medium SimpleHairstyle

For boys, if the hairstyle is such that it is simply maintained along with medium length, it is better suited for them. This hairstyle fits this aspect precisely, and it’s best to grow the hair or get ready for a trim. It is known that medium length type hair can be styled in different ways, and luckily in this hairstyle, you can style your hair at any major curls, thickness, or straight locks as long as you have the correct cut.

The flexibility that medium-length hairstyle offers is enormous and can assist you get the look and character that you’re searching for. Medium-length hairstyles can be coupled with textures, colors, different styles such as bangs, pomp, edgy and comb-over, etc. to give you the ideal attractive and impressive appearance.

“There is a broad range of kinds of medium-length hairstyle depending on the forms, occasions, facial forms and character you want, but the reality is that you can try any of these lovely medicines.


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