David Beckham Hairstyles with Long Quiff

What we possibly love most about the quiff hairstyle is that it works even if you have longer hair. For instance, we’re certain that Beckham had at least —inch long locks in this photo. Still, he achieved the perfect careless quiff.

Man Bun + Shaved Sides + Braids + Long Beard

Center Part Long Hairstyle

When Zayn decides to keep his hair long, the men take note and the girls swoon over his new style. He has made a center parting for this one. The hair is left to fall freely and there are c-curls formed at the tips. A few strands of hair caress the forehead like fringes. This is a look that projects handsomeness and masculinity.

Long Slick Back Undercut + Beard

This ideal for hot weather, people can maintain their lengthy locks and still have a short style comfort.

Long and highlighted spikes

This spicy haircut is for you if you want to dye your hair! The one thing is that to highlight your spikes you have to choose the correct color. Brown–gold and gray–black are the most fashionable combinations of colors nowadays. But the recommendation is–attempt selecting colors from a gamut of colors, paying attention to color comparison and taking your skin tone into consideration!

The Long Bob

If you don’t seem to be able to make up your mind between lengthy and medium hair or if you’re growing it all out, here’s a styling option. Try the shaggy long bob. You can generate a straightforward side portion with your bare hands.

Long, Full Beard

Skater Haircut with Long Layers

Another skater-emo hairstyle fusion involves long and jagged layers. A trait associated with emo haircuts, long layers can help create a specific outline for your hairstyle. If you want shoulder-length hair with bangs, keep this idea in mind.


The Long Fishtail

Vikings were a fishermen people when they weren’t very busy conquering other lands and pillaging them. Since they couldn’t do a lot of agriculture because of their geography and climate, fishing was their lifeline. Pay homage to that with your Viking hairstyle and this amazingly long fishtail braid.

Layered Long Hair

Long hairstyle with natural waves

If you’re really in love with lengthy hair then it’s just for you. It’s going to offer you a very distinct look. The length of the hair will be up to the knee here in this hairstyle. If you have natural wavy hair, this hairstyle is best suited for you. To get the completed look, you can produce a side section. If you don’t have moustache or beard, it’ll look good on you.

Best Men’s Medium to LongHairstyles

Medium to lengthy hairstyles are fashionable and very common today, but they’re a little difficult to live with today. Imagine how hard it is to repair your hair blowing vehicle! Even if you are not engaged in such stuff, lengthy hair can become a true problem without the option of binding a horse-tail. Fortunately, any comparable issues can be solved by an elastic band–just get a pack of them and maintain it close!

Hipster Long GoateeStyles

It’s time to focus on the centerpiece of your entire bohemian look if you’ve got your hipster haircut settled. We’re talking about the well-known goatee hipster, of course. Here it’s not about your facial hair’s length as much as it’s about how you do it (with care and patience).

Youthful Flair–Shoulder Long Hairstyle with Bangs

“Nothing tells young and carefree like ideal hairstyle, at any era. Sleek and shoulder-skimming are this style’s trademarks. In more than one style, the hint of wave and impish bangs is flexible enough to wear. Experiment and give a different look for each occasion to your young man!

Full Beard with Long Man Bun

The Long Side Bangs Justin Bieber Haircut

Yet another one of Justin’s iconic hairstyles, the long side bangs look has made him famous in his early days. If you want to style your hair like Justin, you will need to use a strong hairstyling mouse to keep your bangs in place.

Extra Long Fringe Haircut

This fringe is so long it could almost be a man bun. The sides are buzzed off so you’ll look rough and edgy, while the long fringe maintains that you know how to take care of your appearance. We love a style that looks like it took you half an hour to perfect in the mirror. Looking and feeling great has never been this effortless.

Golden Long Hairstyles for Black Men

This might just be the complete winner when it comes to untraditional colors and our all-time favorite. These dreads are golden! Not a yellow or blonde shade of golden, but an actual metallic hue, which is incredibly trendy right now. Did you notice that the beard has been dyed the same color as well?

Bowl Cut with Long Side Bangs

You can add lengthy bangs to your cut for a contemporary bowl cut variety. Keep your hair smooth and straight and couple it with some stubble as well as optionally. “Short Silver Hair + Temple Fade

G.I. Cut

” Cut

This G.I. With its gradual fading and ideal styling, cut just got a lot more popular. If you’re searching for this look, your best bet is to show a image on your phone to your barber.

Do not hesitate to push your boundaries with a heavy bald fade for more of a rock star edge. You’ll be easily cool on a daily basis with a slicked back hairstyle.

Long Bangs

Also attempt the version with excessively lengthy bangs. Just run your fingers through your hair and scruff it up every opportunity you get to create the haircut even shaggier. During the day, your hair tends to flatten out, so you need to avoid that.

You can see in the image above what a longer, more casual haircut version looks like. It still has the sides and back tightly cropped, but the length of the top is considerably more flexible. The look is sure to work for you, whether your hair is straight and dense or pleasantly wavy.

Long Diamond BeardStyles

If you have a silver beard like the guy pictured below, something that works with both rectangular and diamond faces will get extra points. This one is also working with thin beards. Warning: Having a thin beard is not a thin hair.

Long Blonde Swept Back Hairstyle

If you’re planning to attempt this one, you’ll have to acknowledge it’s quite an edgy look and you need to be really prepared for a hair experiment. You have to comb your long blonde hair back to generate Long Blonde Swept Back Hairstyle and you can wear a lovely black sunlass to complement the look.

Another idea for the uneven beard length is to use only two longer braids and cut the rest smoothly. You can also use Viking beard extensions and beads to recreate the look if you can’t wait for your facial hair to grow out.

Long Top CaesarHaircut

This example shows that the top part of your hairstyle can be kept as long as you want and still look sharp. While this version may be a little more difficult to keep in the long run, it offers an amazing look.

Long Textured Flowing Hair

Wavy Long Blonde Locks

If you were born with wavy hair and you tend to have an unconventional serves as the perfect example of how awesome long and wavy strands can look.

Stylish Hairstyles For Long Dreads

There are a lot of hairstyles for dreads both short and long. To be honest, everything depends on your own preferences. Do you want to have long thick dreadlocks with shaved sides? Go for it! Or perhaps you prefer something less rastafarian? Well, opt for more but thinner dreads. Or maybe you’d like to have something more classic, something that you could put in a bun or ponytail? Yeap, long dreads style is your thing for sure.

Quiff High and Tight with Long Beard

Since the beginning, the quiff has been popular and continues to grow. If you’re looking for an approach that’s only going to get more intense as time goes on, you’ve just discovered your future hairstyle!

Do and Dash–Long Thick Bangs

This modern classic cut is perfect for a young man on the go. Short at the nape with longer layers on the sides and at the top of the head, the focal point is the thick fringe that falls across the forehead and brushed just a little to one side. The face is adorably framed by pieces of varying lengths. This style will look good on any young fellas, youthful and vigorous.

High Bald Fade + Long Quiff + Beard

Bald Undercut with Braid and Long Braided Beard

Not all Viking hairstyles are as rude as you would expect. Although many involve scraggy beards and long hair, the way you choose to style them is narrowed down to everything. For a sleek look, try the sleek hairstyle and beard style below.

Long Locks Front GreyHairstyle

Going to a salon and spending a few additional dollars for a high-quality hairstyle is more useful for longer hairstyles for males. You want to make sure you buy hairstyling merchandise after receiving the hairstyle. You can also carry any hairstyle and still look good when you have a generally oval facial shape, but using a gel will give an image that is very professionally styled. If you have an oval-shaped face, a hairstyle that keeps your tresses out of your face is the most salutary, though, because it will highlight the whole shape of your face. A remarkably versatile style is this long-drawn locks front gray hairstyle.

Long Ivy League Hairstyle Stubble

By contrast, here is an example of how you can get close results with longer hair. Although it slightly slides out of the Ivy League haircut range, the side styling provides an incomparable impact. Whatever version you choose, don’t forget to keep it classy. Long Layered Haircut for Men

Layered long bangs haircut

This haircut is nice for kids who like to have their hair all over the place because it doesn’t make them look chaotic or sloppy. It’s good to brush the hair smoothly first and then hang them on the corresponding sides of the head, while some of them also fall over the forehead. This cool lengthy hairstyle will be your little boy’s favorite.

Man Bun Low Maintenance Long Hairstyles for Men

The Very Long Front

Can go a long way with a small hair product. How about then a lot of hair product? That can effectively go the extra mile apart from going a lengthy way. Go up and sport a huge beard in order to complement it.

Long MeetsUndercut

This haircut meets two worlds on top of your head. One side is cut very short, almost boyish, while the other enjoys a long-haired treatment that is very bohemian. Be cautious because a lot of trimming is required for this cut.

Long Boys Hair + Undercut

Love Hair Studio This undercut hairstyle with long hair couldn’t be cooler. Wear down or pull it up into a man bun. Taper fade haircuts have been a popular choice for men for years and the trend will not go away any time soon. Here are some great examples of the classic taper fade that we are seeing right now in the best barbershops around the world.

Long Hairstyle with Undercut

The undercut is in trend today. The reason is they are simple to create and fashionable. If you possess long hair, the style becomes like icing on the cake. This is because the style is convenient for long hair. Based on personal experience, you can apply some variations.

Brad Pitt Long Hair

Pitt is arguably best known for his long hair, with many men trying to replicate the free-flowing style and handsome, carefree vibe that went along with it. He mostly donned this cut in the ’s after letting his short hair grow out and then keeping it mostly pulled back and paired with a beard, which created a rugged, natural look.

Long Slicked Back Hair for Men

This will give you a romantic yet challenging look that allows you to play with the haircut by clearing the hair back or wearing it on one side. The sides and lower back of the hair are trimmed, while the average rate of the crown hair remains. This is a very nice haircut option that you can wear with your friends for everyday settings.


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