Hipster Bowl Fade

Say what you want about the hipster appeal, but one thing is for sure: they know how to make a hairstyle their own! The cut itself is a pretty standard bowl, but the man below paired it with a pair of cool round glasses and a nose ring, for an edgier look.

Top Knot for Hipsters

“Perfect for tattooed boys who want to tone down their aggressive look. The top knot operates completely well and is also smooth and helpful as the hair will remain in place for physically active boys.

Hipster in Training Haircut

Adorable and way ahead of its time! For teen boys too, this is a wonderful haircut! Thick, wavy layers are stuffing and brushed away from the face. No need to make a fuss about styling–with its easy yet striking silhouette, this style stands out on its own. Flattering and simple to keep for any face form. For years to come, this will be a favourite look!

Funky Hipster Haircut

Here’s a hipster haircut concept for the creative ones out there that will tingle all your senses. Besides the fact that it looks totally incredible, cool and fresh, it will add a few inches to your height if you need it.

The Hipster Samurai Bun

Speaking of samurai buns, here is another example, coming from the hipster realm, this time complete with a bushy beard, a vintage dandy mustache, very well trimmed eyebrows, and a nose ring.

Sharp Hipster Haircut

“In this hipster haircut, a defined line and smooth faded sides create the perfect mix between classic and modern. The top is sliced back and styled.

Stylish Hipster Haircut

If the mood strikes you, you can also go for Italian dashing and debonair. This is a straightforward haircut with and finish with a natural styling. Use some hair product if necessary.

The Cylinder Hipster Haircut

The cylinder that you can see on top of the head is, in fact, one fancy, jumbo sized roll. Therefore, this is exactly the way you can obtain it. By rolling your hair at night or using a large curling iron.

Dyed Hipster Style

“You can also dye your hair with funky or bright colours. This will offer you the correct hipster look, but it’s not for males above (although we’ve got a list of haircuts that look nice for older males).

Hipster Mens Hairstyles for Oval Faces

What would a hipster hairstyle be without the handlebar mustache? It has now become a staple of the hipster subculture as much as the nose ring, plaid shirts, artisanal beer, bicycles, hair pomade, beard oil, homemade soap, and many more items.

As the s were marked by the Hollywood Golden Age, you can only imagine how much of an impact actors had on the trends of the time. Much like today, celebrities would always set the tone for the latest must-haves in terms of fashion, beauty, and grooming. Here, Cary Grant perfectly displays the Hollywood standard for s mens hairstyles.

The Party Hipster Haircut

Here is a look that bodes well in any situation. However, if you decide to sport it while out clubbing, you might just find yourself to be the center of attention. Combine an undercut with a very long back sweep to get this look.

High and Tight Hipster Style

To achieve your hipster look, you will not fail with this hair Add ear plugs and a nose ring, plus the well-known hippie mustache, and your look will be complete!

Hipster hairstyle

This updo bun is halfway between your head’s crown and base. This makes you look pretty reliable and reliable. The easy personality still has an elegant charm and a warm aura that is difficult to withstand. The medium beard is pointed and the trimming is chaotic, making you look like the cover page of a magazine.

Hipster Mullet Haircut

You can also slip your long hair back into the temples to look like a mullet.

Modern Amish Hipster Haircut

Keep your hair relatively natural and untouched. Grow a full beard and make some subtle grooming to keep it nicely shaped. The hair is worn medium-length.

Hipster Hairstyle

You can’t beat athat gives you a great look. We suggest to leave the top portion fairly long and layered for this strategy, opting for the remainder. Free to maintain any hair you want on your face.

Hot Male Hipster Hairstyles with Handlebar Mustache

You may like to combine a few distinctive hipster features at once, like, low fade into a V cut at the back, choppy, textured and spiked on top with a long braid. Beard and handlebar moustache are just icing on the cake.

White hipsters

White hipstersmean class and elegance. Combined with a patterned jacket and a bow tie, the ivory shirt will make you look like you’re off with the Queen for tea. Don’t miss the stick of walking.

Hipster MustacheStyles

Love them or hate their hipsters put a great deal of effort into their clean looks. They go the whole way when it comes to their moustaches. You should bear in mind though that to achieve such an imposing’ stache’ you need to spend quite some time in your self-care routine.

The Dandy Hipster

Here you have three concepts that are bound to sweep any lady off her feet. Being a dandy with the perfectly tailored and upturned moustache, a hipster with the lumberjack beard, and a ruggedly handsome man with a military haircut. Add a rough denim jacket and the style is complete!

Hipster MenHairstyles

If you decide to go hipster on your hair, you can do very little wrong. Creativity is really at home on this dark side of the moon style. So anything that passes through your head can go on your head, hair wise as well.

Hipster Hairstyles for Hot and Cool Look

Hipster in Training Haircut

Adorable and way ahead of its time! This is a great haircut for teen boys too! Thick, wavy layers are scooped to one side and brushed back away from the face. No need to make a fuss about styling –this style stands out on its own with its simple yet striking silhouette. Flattering for any face shape and easy to maintain. This will be a favorite look for years to come!

Man Bun, Undercut, and Full Beard

“Keep your long locks in and there’s no better way to do that than a man bun. A dense beard enables to create the appearance more masculine.

Butch Cut with Full Beard

As opposed to the faded butch cut, thislookcrops hair to one consistent length around the entire head, including sideburns.

Crew Cut with Full Beard

From short to very short hair. The crew cut is one of the most famous and common military haircuts out there. Below, it goes a little (a lot) over the regulations as Chris Hemsworth paired it with a full beard instead of the usual clean cut look.

Dread Twists Shape UpHaircut

Similarly, a line up can flatter a hairstyle with brief twisted dreadlocks. Because most brief dread twist hairstyles come with a taper fade, a well-shaped hairline falls into location easily. If some of the twists of dread fall over your forehead, consider creating a wider shape so that it can always be noticed.

The Joseph Gordon-Levitt

This is one of our favourite hairstyles for males with wavy hair. With a stunningly contemporary twist, it borrows strongly from the s and s. It just feels new and cool!

Toni Mahfud

K-Pop Fringe Haircut

Inspired by Korean pop stars, this men’s haircut is well arranged without much space for errors. Shadowing the eyes with the side fringe makes the remainder of the facial characteristics beautifully stand out. This look is nearly the equivalent of a makeup smokey-eye.

Beard and Fade Faux Hawk

“design.2349.jpg” />

Faux hawk has become the most common fade haircut for medium-length hair as it can match undercut, taper fade, elevated fade, bald fade or soft beard fade patterns. A faux hawk with the beard fade is a great hairstyle for a unique, sophisticated look for the medium length hair. Faux hawk differs from Mohawk because the side hair is not completely shaved off in a faux hawk, and for a beard fade the fade is made based on the beard contrast for the sides, and the top hair is styled backwards in faux hawk style with the styling cream or gel creating a perfectly cool look.

High Fade Haircuts with Side Bangs


If you’ve ever wondered why so many products were selected to advertise, here’s your solution. Even in his moment off, Becks looks incredible. The natural swept back hair, hipster glasses, designer watch and sleeve tattoos create him look as if at a moment’s notice he’s prepared to step into the catwalk.

Famous goat from Ice Cube

“Many images capture the iconic goat from Ice Cube. The abundance of styles of black male goatee makes it difficult to choose a favorite. Thanks to celebrities like Ice Cube, the popular goatee styles keep making a comeback.

Overlapping Top Knot Men

When combined in one hairstyle, completely different braids often look even better. For example, it is possible to complete overlapping braids forming an X on each side with perfectly straight braids in the middle. It’s also a fine idea to play around with the thickness of each braid.

Pop Singer NeymarHaircut

If he wasn’t a well-known soccer player, Neymar could readily have been a young pop singer alone with his excellent looks and charm. In addition, he’s got the hair to back it up so why not?

low-maintenance men’s haircuts’

High Volume Ivy League

If you have hair that naturally has a lot of volume despite being short, we recommend using Justin’s style to take full advantage of natural features.

Bold Hairstyle Cut

Here are our recommendations. If you really want to go for the haircut of the bowl, then we suggest that you go the whole way. Embrace it because it will become one of the biggest trends in hipster. There should be no intermediate. Get the whole bowl or don’t get any.

Shaved Head and Beard

A timeless Viking look is the shaved head and beard. A bald head and full long beard can be particularly useful for people with a receding hairline who want to grow a beard with a rough balding clipper and the discipline.

Man Bun

This is the classic man bun styled as smoothly and sleekly as possible with a lengthy beard to match. Despite having been one of the most contentious male hairstyles ever, the guy bun was just as loved.

At the London Fashion Week

If you were not convinced that the bowl is making a comeback, here is a look at the London Fashion Week’s Autumn-Winter Street Style Men’s Look Book. What other than the flawless fashion can you notice? A haircut for a bowl!

Soft Part Haircut

We’ll be talking all about hard part haircuts throughout our list, but what about soft part hairstyles? Just like the name suggests, this style has a subtler approach to a part. Instead of shaving or otherwise defining the part, all you have to do is comb your hair to the side for a natural one.

The Crew Cut

Dave has also famously sported a crew cut too. This is a type of military haircut which has seeped into the mainstream. As a consequence, a lot of civilians now sport it as well, Beckham being just one of them.

Sharp and Curved Shape Up Haircut

Alternatively, you can mix multiple approaches for the silhouette of your shape up. For instance, start with a sharp angle halfway down the temples. After that, from the center point, curve the line inwards in a half-circle manner. The combination results in a sleek edge up with an unmistakable barbershop touch.

The Double Man Bun

Having second thoughts about the man bun as one of the Viking hairstyles? Then how about a double man bun? That would mean twice the manliness, twice the ruggedness, and, of course, twice the number of maidens circling you.


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