If I’m Talking T-shirt

Maybe it’s not the classic teacher’s attire, but it’s definitely the point.

Indoor Temperature Monitor

This clever device monitors temperature, moisture and has a calendar built-in. What’s the best part? Now their students know how comfortable they are!

Infuser Bottle

Infuser Bottle

Infuser Bottle

Professors work hard to write an informative syllabus so stop asking questions and just read the damn thing.

It’s in the Syllabus Shirt

A funny picture of a common problem facing most teachers who don’t read the syllabus. With this shirt, during their classes, your professor can wear it to help remind those that the answer may actually be in the syllabus they delivered. These shirts are available in different sizes and colors to help you find the right one for your needs.


Memo Pads

You can always customize these memo pads to your teacher who knows how amazing they are, even when you write down a trivial thing.

Minimergency kit

Pop quiz for teachers: what is the perfect gift for teachers? Answer: Pinch Provisions Minimergency ® Teachers Kit. This adorable red & gold dot pouch (with a charming zipper pull from the apple) contains essential educators, including a mini red pen and gold star stickers.

Novelty Fun Shower Curtain Einstein Cartoon Decorations

Give his bathroom a unique make-up with this state-of – the-art decorative shower curtain. This curtain is large enough to keep your bathroom area private at inches long and inches wide. Made of Turkish fabric of high quality, it comes with mounting hooks and easy slide.

With digital printing technology, high-resolution graphics are printed, which makes the colors resistant to fading. After you finish your shower, the curtain is waterproof and dries quickly. Hence, it’s very low chances of catching molds or mildew.

It also has Albert Einstein’s animated photo. You know that a geek is on the other side as soon as the curtain is slid. Here you can buy a fun shower curtain.

Socks number

Who said nerds couldn’t be sharp dressers? This pair of pencil-inspired socks is a must for women who are geek chic, bookworms, professors, teachers, or those who want to get their sock game right on the spot. Pop them on to make a blase outfit to write about at home.


Paper Print Towels

from Uncommongoods.com Is there a secret sauce for the perfect gift? It’s these hand-crafted, decorative “paper” tea towels for sketches and scribblers. Cleverly packed with a cardstock clipboard, the fabric— classic ruled white or yellow, grade school, or graph — is digitally printed for clear, precise lines, then cut by Rebecca Rodriguez and stitched by hand.

Periodic Table Coasters

This gift is perfect for science-loving teachers. These coasters depict the periodic table with the elements carved in the wood. Not only will these coasters look nice on their desk, they’re definitely a piece of conversation. Better yet, they’re big enough to hold all kinds of mugs in order to spill or balance it awkwardly.

Periodic Table Cutting Board

This cooking tool is a perfect gift idea for any teacher who likes science and who likes cooking. For lasting durability, this bamboo cutting board is pre-oiled. This beautiful laser engraved cutting board, whether on duty or on display. Bamboo is stronger than hardwood and easier to harvest on kitchen knives than traditional hardwoods.


“What is today’s date?”Look at my desk’s wooden blocks!”

Custom stamp

This unique gift can make grading papers more fun for your teacher and add encouraging notes to their students. You can create a custom stamp to use on papers for your professor. This may include their name, and they can stamp something nice on papers like “Great Job!”


Plagiarists Die Alone Sticker

Buy from Uncommongoods.com


Poetry Thank You Teacher Frame

This is a gift of gratitude to teachers for their selfless work as a mentor or teacher in their lives. The frames of mahogany, molded with golden finishing, will certainly act as decoration on his wall, either at home or at work. This gift is intended to include his name and photograph, making it a very personal gift. If the photo frame’s artistic design doesn’t impress him, the poem’s beautiful message will.

The poem is a personalized message of appreciation composed by a team of revered poets that you want to pass on to your favorite educator. With this gift, he’ll probably remember you for the rest of his life. By ordering the Poetry Thank You Teacher Picture Frame here, show your appreciation for him.


Professor Mom

Nothing harms you like raising your children… except, perhaps, teaching someone else.

Proof Is

In the Pudding Bowls, go ahead and let your brain pudd. Each of these four ceramic bowls features traditional British-Buy from Uncommongoods.com

Read the Syllabus Cup

It’s something that almost every professor dreads–having to answer questions that the syllabus answers. They can only use this fun cup to respond to this common problem. It will not only be a funny gift, but they can easily carry in it their coffee or tea.


Student Photo Collage

This thoughtful gift will show your teacher how much time they enjoyed in the class. You can take pictures of your classmates holding up a piece of paper telling the professor what they like best. Then you can create a photo collage, print it out, and frame it.

Sweet Teacher Gift

This gift is ideal if you know that your teacher enjoys cooking or eating sweets. A small basket can be created and filled with candy, cookies and bakery supplies. Then you can attach a little note thanking them for being such a “sweet teacher.” They’ll be able to mummy some sweet treats or spend some time making their own.

Teacher Nutrition Facts

This coffee mug is the perfect starting point for the teacher’s lounge and will surely entertain anybody. This extra-large mug contains a generous oz of your favorite hot coffee or tea, great for those days that you need a fix. Great for any lover of coffee, any time! Makes a great gift for colleagues, family, and friends–for Christmas, Birthday, or just for that. Attatch, thank you very much, and you’re good to go!

Teacher Teabags

Bag Ladies Tea is a specialty tea company celebrating the unusual happiness and sisterhood we share as women. Whether in friendship, marriage, motherhood, or career, our English Breakfast Tea bags are tagged with insightful and humorous quotes that offer comfort as we’ step’ through the dilemma and delights of everyday life.

Teacher Voice Coffee Mug

Persevering, caring for a patient classroom. But don’t make the voice of the teacher appear! For anyone who has dedicated their lives to education, this teacher mug is great.

Teacher Wine Glasses

Teaching is a ton of work so that teachers may need a glass or a bottle of wine after a long day in the classroom. This is a great gift for a teacher they can use outside the classroom (or inside it).

Tears Mug

I always knew that was the drinking of my teachers. It’s honest at least!



The terrarium is a nice gift that your teacher can give. This is not only a unique gift, it will also add a nice touch to your desk. You can spend some time at your local garden center making your own terrarium for your desk or buy one. This cheap gift will surely help to make your busy day brighter.



To be or not to be

Looking for a gift for your English teacher? Why not a set of “TO BE” or “NOT TO BE” from the soliloquy of Hamlet, William Shakespeare quote pencils. This set adds fun and philosophy to any collection of office, backpack, purse, writing or school supplies, or a great holiday gift stuffer.

Buy from

Trust Me Bumper Sticker

Stop arguing and trust them, after all, they’re a teacher! What’s better than advertising on the back of your car to the world?

Trust Me Glass Set

Because teachers know best! Get the Whiskey Rocks Glasses set etched with “Trust Me, I’m A Professor.” Double Old Fashioned glasses–you definitely have room for ice AND your drink now.

Trust Me: I’m a Professor Inch Sticker

You may wonder why we’ve chosen to include such a simple gift in this list. It’s a fact that there are far better gifts than this. But the power of simplicity is never underestimated by our team.

This sticker is going to announce to the world that the person driving in front of them is a professor and you’re going to be surprised at the level of respect that will result. This sticker is made of high-quality vinyl and will weather all the harsh weather conditions outside.

Therefore, it is impervious to peel, crack and fad and has a lifespan of over seven years. The sticker is also wide inches, which is large enough to be seen from a considerable distance. It can be made custom to its favorite color. Order me a Trust; I’m here a Decal Professor.


Water Bottle with Pens or Pencils

The majority of teachers carry a bottle of water with them and they definitely need to have a few pens on hand in the classroom. They will be able to have both with this gift. You can buy them a new bottle of water that they can use and fill it with a few pens or pencils. It is a practical gift that they can definitely use during their teaching.

What’s Your Power Tumbler

This tumbler teacher is a great gift idea and will surely make any teacher laugh! To help keep drinks cold, it holds ounces and is insulated.

Wooden Chalk Holder

This wooden chalk holder can be customized for classrooms that still use blackboards. Practical and considerate!

Worst Test Answers Book

In a sentence, use the word “doldrums.” You’re correct if you answered, “I can’t play the doldrums!” At least according to this hilarious book of wrong answers, celebrating the creative side of failure with real-life answers to common test questions from high school through high school. A touching, funny, and oh-so-real look at everyday blunders, this little pick-me-up will surely make any student, teacher, or class clown smile.

Purchase from Uncommongoods.com

WTF Notes

These WTF Notes are a great way to get the message across to the professor who is tired of it all.


it’s a pet peeve of a lot of teachers–students talking when they’re trying to teach. They can play with this shirt with this common problem. The shirt has the front-written saying, “If I’m talking, you should take notes.” To give a hint to students, your professor can wear it to their classes.


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