Man Bun Undercut

If you are planning to sport an undercut man’s bun hair. It lets you wear both up and down your hair and adds cool points when wrapped up to your appearance.

Man Bun Undercut

If you’re planning to sport an undercut hairdisconnected guy. It lets you wear both up and down your hair and adds cool points when wrapped up to your appearance. ”

Man Bun vs. Top Knot

While the man bun and top knot may look similar to the untrained eye, there are key differences nevertheless. A top knot is formed on top of the head and tied to create a knotted look. You don’t need as much hair to tie a top knot, and the sides are either shaved with a high skin fade or cut very short as an undercut.

Man Bun with Box Braids

A man bun is a trendy way to style your hair, as you can already tell, but it often only draws attention to the top. Spice up the sides of this style with a braid of your choice –French braid, fishtail, or typical -strand –for a fresh new take on the man bun.

Man Bun With Braids

Another style to make you stand out from the crowd is to add some braids to your bun. If you aren’t familiar with braiding hair, it may seem tricky to you at first; however, is actually pretty easy to get the hang of. Practice makes perfect, of course, so take some time to learn how to braid. Start with a simple braid, and then you can work up to more intricate techniques. The end result will look unique but trendy.

Man Bun with Braids

Man Bun with Loose Strands

Oftentimes, loose strands are the icing on the cake for the allure of a man bun. If you have layered hair , a few locks will fall out of the bun on their own. However, you can pull a strand or two out even if your hair has the same length all around.


Man Bun with Shaved Design

Man Bun with Shaved Sides + Beard

The man bun with shaved sides offers maximum contrast and really focuses your attention on the unique style on top. Like the undercut or fade, shaved sides are perfect if you want to accentuate the longer hair on top while making your morning routine’s hairstyle easy and simple.

Man Bun with Shaved Sides

The shaved-sides man bun is edgy, manly and sexy. Most guys love shaved sides because short cuts are simple to work with and low maintenance. In addition, shaved haircuts are looks of high contrast, meaning that your eyes will automatically concentrate on the longer hair on top. This warm hairstyle trend is a favorite in barbershops, whether you want a brief or long bun.

Man Bun with Textured Long Hair

Man Bun with Thick Beard

It is crystal evident why man buns and dense beards go completely hand in hand and can often be discovered worn together. Consider shining the spotlight on it by removing the rest of your hair from around your face if you succeed in developing a complete beard. A man bun is just what you need to do.

Man Bun with Thick Beard

“It is crystal evident why man buns and dense beards go completely hand in hand and can often be discovered worn together. Consider shining the spotlight on it by removing the rest of your hair from around your face if you succeed in developing a complete beard. The only thing you need to do is a guy bun. ”

Man Bun with Wrap Around

Man Bun

You can frown upon a manbun hairstyle considering it rather a feminine ‘do but think twice. With the right attitude and face accessories, such as a rough full beard or luxuriant mustache, a man bun becomes a staple of fuckboy hair styles.

Man Bun: Conclusion

image : unsplash.comvia Shttefan some people think the man bun is an incredible look, while others aren’t fond of itat all. although it is a hit or miss kind of look, it is still trendy, fashionable, and anything but basic –if done correctly. not everyone has the hair thatit takes for it to look right, and the length of your hair and its texture should be taken into consideration before taking the time to grow your hair. there is no one look that works, and, in fact, there are probably thousands of ways you could rock this style. it all depends on what you are going for. choose the look that fits your style best, and you will most definitely be rocking the man bun and looking anything but basic.

Man Buns for Little Boys

There’s something almost poetic in creating a man bun for a little boy. It’s taking a grown up’s hairstyle and putting it on a little guy. But, the most important thing is watching the little dude’s face light up when he sees himself in the mirror.

Medium Length Dreadlocks Man Bun

Braided medium length dread styles for men can look extremely cute and trendy. Try a half up half down hairstyle that will flaunt the natural beauty of these locs.

Men’s Braids And Bun

A simple bun can transform into a truly refined look: just add some man braid to it and see the difference! Whatever braiding technique you like the most can take part, and your task is to create as many braids as possible and simply twist them where you please or ask your barber make you some amazing look. A man bun with braids is something that every guy with a long mane should try in his life!

Messy Bun

If you desire a more edgy look, the messy bun may be for you, especially if you have naturally textured or wavy hair. This look is a more casual take on the man bun, but it is still extremely stylish. Skip brushing your hair; instead, loosely bring your hair into a bun at the nape of your neck.

Messy Bun

To get yourself a messy bun, you don’t have to be a qualified barber; it’s just that simple, and that’s the point. Simplicity is genius, and this is something that modern gentlemen understand. And when the easy allled bun arrives with a beard, the style passes to an entirely fresh, advanced stage. It’s a win – win choice to wear man buns with beards, no doubt.

Messy Bun

When a loose person buns a chaotic hair style. The hairstyle begins loose, but by softly pulling a few strands out of the bun, you can accentuate the carelessness. Alternatively, from the beginning, bind your hair in the bun messily.


Messy Man Bun + Beard

The messy man bun is a hipster hair this unkempt look exudes a certain sexiness that women find irresistible.

Messy Man Bun Hair + Goatee

Messy Man Bun Hair and Beard

Messy Man Bun Hairstyles

As opposed to its neater alternative, the messy man bun is not meticulously combed back into place. Instead, it is pulled up quickly for an intentionally unkempt look. The sides are left to be messy and frizzy as well for a fresh out of bed appearance in no time.

Messy Man Bun

The messy man bun is a hot hipster hair that remains popular today. Though braids are usually woven into hair in an effort to prevent messy tangles and the like, the braided messy man bun can make quite the statement. Easy to style and maintain, messy braided hairstyles for long hair are the go-to look for guys who are too busy in the mornings or just want a casual but sexy look.

Messy Redbeard with Man Bun

This one works incredibly well if your beard grows naturally like that. Otherwise, it’s difficult to make it look okay. Still, this style is literally fire!

Messy Viking Hair with Extra-Messy Bun Groomed Round Beard

With most Viking hair hair messily , without giving it too much attention. A disheveled man bun is just what you need, particularly if your hair is cut in layers.

Messy, Viking Man Bun with Untamed Beard

Man bun hair have been extremely popular in the past few years, particularly among guys with long and thick hair. If you plan on sporting a Viking-like look on a daily basis, a hairstyle like the man bun will become necessary for its practical and aesthetic benefits.

Mid Fade Haircut with a Man Bun

Here’s a perfect example of the three most beloved and controversial hairstyles of the past few seasons. You can see a taper fade plus the notorious man bun that caused rivers of digital ink to flow, plus the much newer but equally mind boggling for some man braids.

Mini Bun

So you have been growing your hair out for a bit and are ready to start sporting your man bun. The mini bun is great for those who have hair that is less than shoulder length but long enough to pull up. The best way to achieve this look is to pull your hair on the lower portion of your head to keep it from getting loose and coming apart.

Mini Bun

To nail down man bun hairstyles, your hair should be long enough to be pulled together. How high it’s going to be tied doesn’t really matter. You don’t always have to get some special man bun haircut too. You can easily convert your old one to a bun. Even if you have a short pompadour, a top knot men hairstyle is your way to go.

Modern messy man bun hairstyles for guys

We offer you some trendy and cool ideas of man bun hairstyles for guys –check them out!

Mohawk Man Bun

The mohawk man bun is a hot haircut worth trying at the barbershop this year. The rebellious cut will certainly make you stand out in any crowd.

Mohawk Man Bun

If you want to combine two quite opposed hairstyles in one, you’re so welcome to do so. A mix of mohawk and a man bun looks daring and extremely head-turning. This is also one more take on an undercut man bun, which is all the rage now.

Platinum Blonde Man Bun

Another celebrity that you can look to for hair is Justin Bieber. However, the main focus here isn’t the way he does his man bun, but rather the color. We wanted to show you this example as encouragement for exploring other color opportunities for your hair.


Reverse Braid Man Bun Hairstyle

On the other hand, you can opt for an out-of-the-box approach for your man bun hairstyle altogether. To get the reverse braid part, bow your head and start braiding from your nape upwards. Once you get to the crown of your head, finish it off in a bun. ”

Samurai Bun Hairstyle

Whether you’re passionate about Japanese culture or you just like the way it looks, you can try a samurai bun for your next hairstyle. It’s about the same as the guy bun, but it has a much longer and narrower shape. A broad hair tie will assist you to get this look.

Shaved Sides + Line Up + Design + Half Bun

Short Hair Man Bun

If you don’t have the patience to grow lengthy hair, the short hair man bun is a smooth option. Styled with faded sides, when done correctly, even a mini guy bun may look great.

Short Man Bun with Braids

A short man bun with braids is an excellent style for men who are growing their hair or simply don’t want to grow it beyond the length of their arm. Short-haired men’s braids work best with one or more French braids near each other. This is because French braid styles assist to conceal flyaways and loose hair strands as it is easy to tuck short hair under longer ones.

Side Braid Bun

A side braid bun talks volumes and while it is not as prevalent on this list as some of the other braided bun hairstyles, the side braid is distinctive and warm. Just braid a section along your head’s side and pull it with the rest of your hair back into the bun.

Single braid bun with medium beard

a man bun can be at the same moment smooth and messy. Two braids run to the back of the hair at the top and then linked up cleanly in the middle. To make the top up more noticeable, the sides and the back are trimmed. The medium beard increases your hotness full and broad, so if you want something fun, try this guy bun with beard.

Skater Haircut with Man Bun

Long-haired guys can all agree that the man bun becomes an indispensable hairstyle when skating. If you don’t have a hat at hand, you need to pull your hair up somehow so you can see where you’re skating. Grab a hair tie and get it out of the way with style.

Skin Fade + Line Design + Man Bun

Sleek half-bun

it’s not easy to create a man bun haircut that’s both sleek and messy. the unkempt quality comes from the careless loop of the half-bun—it’s the perfect detail.

Slick back bun with a messy top

there is nothing more attractive than men with messy hair. create a casual and effortless look with a men’s slick back bun that looks straight out of bed. for this, you will need to grow your hair to a length of roughly -inches. pull all your strands to the center of the head and tie them together into a knot. make the knot tight for a clean slick back bun but don’t use a comb. you can leave a few locks hanging for a soft messy appearance. this hairstyle is perfect for a lazy and laid-back look that’s still very chic and sexy.

Slick back bun with an undercut

with man buns being considered the ultimate hairdo of the year, you can easily spot slick back buns all around you. if you want to stay ahead of the crowd, you need to spice up the regular bun with an undercut. grow only the top part of your hair to about -inches while keeping the hair on the sides short. don’t cut the hair on the top for months at least to get a decent top knot. now trim or shave the sides to a super short length.

Slick back bun

in this picture, you check out how you could spice up the regular man bun. again, pairing a taper fade cut definitely helps in adding this tense edginess. here, you can see that the fade undercut and sides complement the man bun perfectly. it gives the look a different feel, whilst still letting you keep your long hair.

Slick back bun

this one is for guys who are so proper that they want their hair to stay in shape all day. the hair is tied in a nice half up bun which has only a small amount of hair untied. the beard is short but full and that is what makes it such a hot combination of a man bun and beard.

Slick Man Bun

If your hair tends to stay perfectly straight most of the time, you can pull off a slick man bun hair slick them back easily. You can also play around with a wet aspect by adding some product.


Small man bun with shaved sides

Of course, such extravagant and eye-catching images are not suitable for everyone –if your work provides a strict dress code, most likely this hairstyle is not for you. Take your opportunity to stand out from the herd if you’re not a white collar!


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