High Top Fade Haircut Types for Black Men

One of the most popping haircuts around in the s was the high top fade. The style blew up after it began rocking after popular rap acts like Kid’n Play or Will Smith. Today, for boys with an old school soul, it stays a nostalgic yet new haircut. The upper portion of the haircut is a large flat top fading on the sides and down. The hairstyle is usually combined with the above temp fade to get a sleek result.

Stylish Zero Fade Haircut

This is how your images should look like if you want to become an Instagram model. The haircut is so edgy and chic, and the clothing is just beautiful and high-fashioned. Not to mention the history of the city.

Forward Sweep Shaped Up with Short Sides and Bald Fade

Asymmetrical High Top Fade

The high top fade is an iconic haircut for males with afro-textured hair. It has been adjusted over the years to satisfy contemporary trends, using components such as difficult components. Nevertheless, merely by leaving your comfort zone with asymmetry, you can add an incredible twist. Try with a sculpted high top to make one side shorter than the other.

Front Faded Style Hair

You may get confused at first go if you look at this hairstyle. But if you take a close look at it, you’ll see how beautifully the hair dresser has summed up three distinct hairstyles in one. This style looks great with a slightly elevated twirled pump on the front and low lengthy hair on the back. Keeping the hair shaved around the throat and back and giving the faded hairstyle on both sides while moving upward. Do not miss the highlights on top of the brunette hair with a light blonde color.

Men’s Fade Haircuts

Although the fade haircut was almost as long as the barbers themselves, the fade taper remains the foundation for most men’s haircuts. This is a testament to how healthy fades look with so many different styles, offering a new, low-maintenance cut that focuses the eyes on top of the stylish hair.

While distinct kinds of fade haircuts are available, cutting techniques and finishes are usually the same. Barbers will mix hair short to shorter down the sides and back to the neck’s nape to cut a fade.

Slicked Back Fade Hairstyle

As the name indicates, your barbers should smooth back to the back of your middle head hair and fringe hair. When combed backwards, this hair should be split into layers or parts. The side head should fade down systematically. The method of fading should proceed until the sideburn is reached. Subsequently, a cut should be given to the sideburn as it joins the beard.

Slick Look Low Fade

Hair gel can help you allocate the top of your fade haircut whenever you don’t hold something distinctive or just forget to wash your hair. Look at the image and attempt with your fingers to formulate a relaxed look. It is on the back and sides of the head where the hair length is slowly lowered until there is no more hair remaining on the scalp or on the surface of the upper skin.

Flat Top with Partial Fade

By expanding the back section, flat top haircuts such as the one below create something similar to a false hawk appearance. You can tell that in one you have two haircuts and that’s always nice.

Smooth Faux Hawk Hairstyle with Faded Side

To get a classy look, just like this hairstyle in this image, you can offer them a soft look. This fohawk look is a classy look that’s ideal and seems to be a polished look. With the fohawk produced by midpoint bringing down the middle hair. On both sides and back to the neckline, a medium faded hair look is given. Using hands and hair wax, to give this look, one can put the hair in the middle. You can attempt this perfect hair look if you have sharp facial characteristics.

Mohawk Fade Haircut: Awesome Blending Of Two Popular Styles

Mohawk Fade

This is a curly weave fade Mohawk hairstyle that encourages a person to keep short hair. This haircut adopts the traditional Mohawk design apart from a few changes. As always, the curly middle short hair is trimmed to achieve the Mohawk look. Thereafter, the hair starts fading sideways. The Mohawk fade hairstyle is very unique in that it uses cut to give a very outstanding look. This cut commences from the forehead and conjoins the hair to the beard. The beard is neatly trimmed when compared to other Mohawk designs


Will Smith High Top Fade

Be honest –you probably had the Fresh Prince in mind when you started researching the haircut in the first place. Well, we can’t blame you. When he was in his s, Will Smith was an authentic trendsetter of the times in terms of hairstyles. And his emblematic haircut in Bel-Air is still popping to this very day.

Long Pompadour Fade

The pompadour fade is the perfect boys hairstyle for a stylish kid. You’ll just need to buy him a quality pomade or styling product to create the look.

Fade Haircut

It’s easy to understand whyfade haircutshave reached the peak of their popularity in recent years. Not only are they a practical choice for skaters like Tyshawn Jones, but they offer a fresh approach to what once was a hairstyle stereotype.

High Temp Fade

Modern Quiff + High Fade

Taper Fade Ivy League Haircut

Long at the Top Hairstyle and Mid Fade

Nothing works better than a mid fade haircut that draws attention to your long-at-the-top hairstyle. The waves and curls here are simply magnificent and will garner all the attention from the ladies.

The Loose Pony Zero Fade Hairstyle

In case one of your burning questions in life was how a loose ponytail with a slick back looks like, we’ve got the answer. It’s not a haircut for the most traditional guys out there, but it works if you’re edgy enough to pull it off.

Low Taper Fade Haircut

Consider the low taper fade haircut if you would like to incorporate both official and casual haircut at the same time. As the name suggests, your barber should keep your hair length average on the mid head. Fading should occur in a systematic manner, both sideways and on the back of the head. Additionally, there is a cut on the hairline on the forehead. This cut extends to some point before disappearing. It is definitely worth checking out.

Slicked back fade

slicked back thick hair is one of the sexiest medium hairstyles that a man can go for. the way that it stays stuck to your scalp shows how organized and proper you are. this is one of those hairstyles which looks equally well on all hair colors, so you do not have to worry about it. just get asymmetrical cut and style your hair with this one.

Taper Fade with Braids

Jaden Smith High Top Fade

Like father, like son. Will Smith’s boy, Jaden, is just as huge of a trendsetter today as his father was back in the s. Even though Jaden sports shorter locks nowadays, he pulled a killer high fade in his Karate Kid period.

Hi Top Fade

Boys Fade Haircuts

Looking for the best boys fade haircuts of ? If you’ve been searching for trendy haircuts for little boys, fades tend to provide the basis for the most popular and cool boys hairstyles. The…

The Easy-to-care-for Bald Fade

If you’re too busy and you don’t have time enough to take care of your hairstyle, but you still want to get a comb over, try the bald fade, which will take care of itself.

Skin Fade with Fringe

To create the Skin Fade with Fringe style, comb your hair in the front so that the strands fall apart on your forehead. Try to give a beautiful soft and smooth look to your hair. This beautiful style makes you look absolutely ravishing and you can wear a beautiful sunglass to complement your look. You can wear this style to any formal event or party.

Low Taper Fade + Line Up + Thick Curly Top

Taper fade haircuts have been a popular choice for men for years and the trend will not go away any time soon. Here are some great examples of the classic taper fade that we are seeing right now in the best barbershops around the world.

Fade Haircut

Here’s a great example of ahaircut that cuts hair to the skin. The mark of a good fade is that blur on the way down. On top, hair is cut into a textured crop.

Ivy League Haircut with Skin Fade

The fade can be performed in various ways, like many other haircutting methods. Although the norm is elevated and low fades, you can venture into skin fades as well. These sorts of haircuts fade out as you would expect until you reach your scalp.

Hipster Bowl Fade

Say the hipster attraction you want, but one thing is certain: they understand how to create their own hairstyle! The cut itself is a fairly conventional bowl, but for an edgier look it was paired by the person below with a couple of cool round glasses and a nose ring.

Low Taper Fade with Beard

This hairstyle is perfect for you if you own a big beard. Even the biggest of beards complement taper fades. Ask him to form the edges of your beard when visiting your barber so that it fits your face structure and fits your hairstyle best. This style will make you stand out in the crowd.


If you want to attempt a classic haircut, go to this one. If you’re in hairstyles and makeovers, the fade haircut need no introduction. Zayn gave the fade haircut a bit of a twist by providing the main part of the hair some texture. Near the front, the hairline is uplifted from the front. On all types of faces it will look nice.

Taper Fade and Dreads

Some amazing looking dread styles for males can be readily noticed by a sided taper fade. In the last few seasons, pairing a taper fade with brief to medium dreads instead of lengthy ones has become trendy.

Low Razor Fade

Mid Fade Short Cut Ivy League

The mid fade coupled with medium-length top hair brushed sideways is a contemporary look intended to create anyone look fantastic.

Short Taper with Back Fade for Afro-Textured Hair

is most frequently seen in African American males wearing this hairstyle. The barber shortens your hair to a wavy touch on top. Your hair is trimmed really tiny in this hairstyle and in the lengthy run you can save your barber’s fee. This hairstyle is a dashing mixture of a wavy top that complements the clean line up considerably.

Skin Fade with Hard Side

This is a courageous haircut that leaves lengthy layers on top and shaved ends, last but not least. Men who want to show their excellent looks are very popular with it.

Messy Thick Wavy Hair + Taper Fade

Tousled Mid Fade

If you’re looking for a more natural look, go for a mid-fade haircut allled. It’s the kind of hairdo we all seem to love, based on the s spikes we’ve all worn.

Smooth Taper Fade

A bit of neatness will never hurt, particularly if your school stands for schoolboy hair precision and immaculacy. You can shorten the sides and spice them up with a boys fade haircut, where the longer top gradually blends with neatly tapered sides, rather than splitting boys haircuts short.

Long Curls and Mid Fade Sides

Long curls are worthy of attention. So why not emphasize them with mid-faded sides? This contemporary hairstyle is one of men’s favorite decisions as it sports a tiny but strong hair design or hair tattoo as well.


Conor Taaffe Taper fade is the best of both worlds because the sides and back of the hair are somewhat long while the neckline is extremely smooth.

Fade Pompadour Casual Skin

Yes, you read that well. For a female, the pompadour was created, and for hundred years it continued to be a feminine haircut. It saw a revival with the famous Gibson Girl at the start of the <supth</supcentury.

Comb Over Taper Fade

In recent years, the comb over hair has made a major comeback as one of the best men’s haircuts. The comb over taper operates beautifully with many distinct hair types and lengths, smart, elegant and good looking.

Try the comb over fade and add to the male contact in a difficult portion, shaved line, shape or complete beard.


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