Parted Faux Hawk with Fade

Mid Skin Fade with Curls

Mid skin fade style is one of the trendiest hairstyles that can help you to get a nice makeover overnight. People with curly hair can opt for this style where you need to cut the hair on one side in razor style keep the hair on the other side longer. You can make the cut prominent by creating two faded lines on the razor cut hair.

Afro-Textured Flat Top with Taper Fade

What makes the flat top such a widespread hairstyle is that it works for men of all origins. In other words, both Caucasians and African-Americans can look outstanding with this hairstyle. With an afro-textured flat top, you will get a funky fresh s vibe to your hairstyle. ”

Afro-Textured Flat Top with Taper Fade

Faded Sides and Dreadlocks

This urban look is highlighted by the faded sides. The dreadlocks are a very inspired addition which will make you look fierce and edgy. Try a pencil mustache and a beard too for added effect.

Temp Fade + Tousled Hair

Zac Efron loves his tousled hair and here, he sports it with a temp fade base.


Side Swept Taper Fade

Side swept hair has been a cool new hairstyle for guys this year. By pairing a taper fade with a side swept hairstyle, you can enjoy an easy to get, simple to style look.

Zero Fade Haircut with Small Pompadour

It has become common practice these days to pair a skin fade with a pompadour. It’s one of the most appreciated hairstyles by men and some of the edgier women out there. This is how it looks like with a small pompadour.

The Jelled Skin Fade Pompadour

Evidently, all pompadours will require some type of hair product. Otherwise, you won’t get your hair to stay in place. But, if you try very hard, you can produce this masterpiece on your head.

Subtle Fade Haircut

Everything about this style is very subtle and minimal and the best part is it is very easy on maintenance. Do not cut hair in a straight motion, but at a -degree angle, to keep some parts of the initial length and give it the different shag cut. Do the same manner all around the head. Use a razor to give the hair better texture and finish. Finally, dry the hair after using a mild shampoo. The beard gives the face a definite shape.

High Fade Undercut

Best Taper Fade Haircuts

Before you ask your barber for a fade haircut , it’s important to understand what a taper fade is and how the cut will look all around your sides and back. To get a taper fade, your barber will use clippers to trim and blend your hair gradually shorter as it goes down the side of your head. Because fades are generally low-maintenance, high-contrast cuts that work well with the coolest hair, guys around the world love taper haircuts. In fact, the taper fade looks good with all short sides, long top styles regardless of hair texture or type. Check out our examples below to find the best tapered hairstyles for men!

The Low Bald Fade

When you go to the stylist, it’s important to know what type of bald fade you want. You can get the classic, the very high bald fade, such as the one you saw above with the mohawk or you can get a low bald fade. It’s entirely up to you.

High Fade with Buzz Cut

Nothing says discipline like the high and tight fade with a buzz cut. It takes courage to do it but once you cut your hair short, you will look neat and fresh on a daily basis!

The Quiff Bald Fade with Beard

Nothing says stylish and modern like a quiff, a hard part, a bald fade, and a patterned beard all rolled into one. Don’t forget your designer sunglasses and your leather jacket for an excess of cool.

Razor Fade Comb Over

This haircut will go perfectly with your mustache and thick brown hair, so try it and see how you like it.

Zero Fade Haircut for Little Boys

Speaking of children, here is what the zero fade haircut might look like on a toddler. This version has an army top with a hard part on one side. We think it simply looks adorable and makes him look like a little man.

Side Part Fade Haircut

This haircut was once named the coolest hairstyle. To kick off, it is known for having a long middle head hair. The middle head hair and the fringe hair should conjoin together on the middle head. They should be combed upwards to make it easy for a barber to cut off long hair if needed. Afterwards, there is a deep cut immediately after the middle head on the right side of the head. This deep cut symbolizes the beginning of the first layer of the fading process. The hair in this region is very short when compared to that on the middle head. Beard should also be trimmed to give you a marvelous look.

Hey, guys, don’t forget about cool trendy beards, by the way. If your top is greased and smooth it doesn’t mean you can’t have a natural sloppy beard or moustache. It will make your image even more interesting, be sure!

Modern taper fades with designs

We’re talking about the mid taper fade haircuts. They are, as one can imagine, the “golden mean” and the perfect balance — whether you have short, medium or long hair, they’ll look great on you. The same is about the texture — thin, thick, wavy, curly and straight hair is perfect for mid taper fade cuts. Well, just like for all the other taper fades, right? But the mid taper fades are also perfect for those who are looking for something both not too conservative and not too “liberal”. Check the photos out right here!

Comb Over Mid Fade Hairdo

This comb over reveals a dramatic undercut, a larger than life hard part, and a mid fade hairstyle. The vintage air of the comb over is softened by the modern touch of the undercut and mid fade.

All around taper fade haircut ideas

So you already know’ what’s a fade haircut’ — it’s a cut with very short sides (they are gradually tapered) and long tops (or short tops, it really doesn’t matter. The only rule is that the hair on top should be longer than on the sides). But what about your head’s back hair?

Taper Fade Haircuts–Fade Types

The taper fade haircut is one of the most iconic and trendy men’s styles, providing a masculine yet smooth look that is ideal for casual or professional circumstances. From the classic taper fade…

Mid Fade + Longer Textuerd Hair On Top

Faded Caesar Haircut

This is a wonderful choice for a summer haircut as it will elegantly help you beat the heat. We also appreciate the line-up’s accuracy.

Mesmerizing Pompadour and Mid Fade Hairdo

Nothing compares to a flawless pompadour with a mid-fade hairdo. This somewhat retro pompadour has contemporary accents, enabling you to choose more to wear urban costumes.

“Best Military Fade HaircutIdeas

For those used to look spectacular and bright, a skin fade with a soft push to the top side.

Eye-catching Long on Top Short on Sides Fade Haircut

Let’s start with a significant contrast: extremely short and high skin fade and very long hair on top, which is thoroughly sleeved back without losing a volume on top. This elegant cut has many styling possibilities, which is why today it is the most famous haircut in the globe.

Low Maintenance Mid Fade Hairdo

Another brief, inspired mid-fade cut with low maintenance. This kind of hairdo can be better emphasized by a goatee. Actually, if you’re interested in goatees, here’s a whole article with goatee and mustache combo concepts.

High Afro Mens Fade Haircuts

So now is the time for heavy afro. The excellent thing about this haircut is that, once you get it, it needs little maintenance. Many guys with curly hair are saying they’re even trimming it at home.

Low Skin Fade + Slicked Back Hairstyle

Bowl Haircut with Bald Fade and Scruff

Orange Skin Fade Pompadour

Yes, please, please! Where are we going to register? Of course, at the hair stylist. Do not try to take this one off at home, please. You’re going to end up with a failed YouTube video.

Bald Fade

You can also look absolutely amazing with bald patches or even balding or cutting your hair in a very short way. But this look is no longer here to help you. In fact, the meticulous hair is cropped quite short not only on the sides, but also in the middle. One of the best things about this particular cut is that you don’t have to make a lot of effort to keep it.

Braided Man Bun with Bald Fade and Beard

High Fade Comb Over Haircut

You can show your adventure spirit by rocking this hairstyle that also works great with other accessories, such as a nose ring.

Mixed spikes with fade

One of the incredible medium-length hairstyles for males with dense hair is the way the spikes are joined in the middle. The medium to high fade finishes the look so well that each time you go for it.


Fade Slick Back Taper

This Taper Fade Slick Back hairstyle looks very elegant and very official. The length on the sides and at the top of the head is ideal for the hair. The sides seem to look more sleek than the center portion. Also, the side portion of the hair contributes to the hairstyle beauty and the beards bring it a little higher. Take your brush and brush your hair back and forth. The look works well with medium stubble beards, medium-full face beards, and it will also work with an expanded goatee.

Razor Faded Pompadour

If you have a lovely head complete of dark and straight hair, go for this look. It comes with razor fading on the sides and a strong pompadour keeps the main part. On all males, it looks ideal, but if you have a round or oval face and want to add a description of your characteristics, that’s the one you want.

Curved Faux Hawk Hairstyle with Fade Taper

If you don’t want to have your complete side hair ##cut, attempt the fade look of the taper. This is a lot of trend, particularly with the hawk hairstyle. You can attempt this look if you have good hair volume and curly or wavy hair. Also, even if you don’t have curved or wavy hair, using the hair wax, you can produce that look. The hairstylist did the false hawk wavy hair look here with smooth curved hair keeping the front hair long and the back hair short until the neckline. For the everyday look, this casual fohawk hairstyle is nice.

Messy Top with Drop Fade and Great Beard

Afro Short Tapered Fade

African-American hairs are some of the coolest choices available for their fresh hairdos. Even if they involve some maintenance, for less stress, you can keep yours shorter. The texture is admirably accompanied by a drop-fade haircut. ”

The Black and White Skin Fade Pompadour

We can also call this one the Pepe le Pew. All jokes aside, the color block or two-tone trend has been big this year. So you might want to try it. It looks cool, fresh and edgy, just what you need.

Wavy Bald Fade with Beard

The great thing about this style is that you can shape it and make it work for any occasion. It may look rough and rough but you can create beautiful waves for a dressy party with the right amount of hair wax.

Cool Classic Tapered Haircut + Low Fade

By chris barbercode Another fantastic haircut with clean taper. Short side and back on top with medium flow.

Textured Quiff Haircut + Mid Fade

A beautifully cut textured queff haircut perfectly blended into a mid-fade fade.

Undercut, pumpadour, mohawk or short cut? Which one are you most fond of? As we have already mentioned, with each of these styles, medium, low and high fades look absolutely fantastic, so all you need to do is choose the option that you think will fit your face shape and features, and don’t forget your personality, express yourself through your clothes, accessories, hairstyles, because all this makes you unique. The subtle waves add texture to this iconic look that also has in front the start of a small pomapdour. That’s how you can begin to grow it out.

Long Comb Over + Part + Low Fade

Curved Cheek Line with Long Front and Side Fade

Probably the most on-point look for diamond faces. This look’s mandatory part: the elongated goatee.

Pomp Fades

Taper Fade with Sideburns

Hairstylists recommend you look more avant-garde by styling your sideburns. Like the taper haircut, sideburns can have some complex designs that capture the attention of people.

Long Bald Fade

In the last few seasons, this asymmetric haircut has been a real staple. It’s edgy and underground and styling and maintaining extremely simple. With a couple of silver earrings and a bling necklace, you can also readily accessorize it.

Burst FadeMohawks

Regarding black men’s mohawk hairstyles, the burst fadehaircut is definitely one that should be remembered. Also known as Francehaircut’s South, the burst fade is named after the trimmed sides.

Boys Comb Over with Low Drop Fade

In most settings, the comb over is a timeless haircut. Whether you need an elegant college haircut or a lovely church hairstyle, this style is always beautifully combined. Moreover, in many respects it can be tailored. For example, ask your barber to highlight the departure from one side to the other for a hard part. Or style with a nice pomade in contrast to a textured, natural look for a crisp finish.

Platinum Zero Fade Haircut

Now that platinum and extreme blonds should generally be crowed as the reigning hair color of this year, there is little doubt in anybody’s mind. You can see men and women sporting it everywhere you look.

Zero Fade Haircut with Thick Fringe

If your hair is dense, your primary issue is to style it in the front. One alternative is to develop and drop a couple of dense bangs on your forehead. You can go for medium or traditional baby bangs.

Drop Fade Shape Up Haircut

Try a low drop fade if you are looking for an even more subtle alternative. Only the sideburns and hair on the neck’s back will be faded out in this case. In addition, for well-rounded outcomes, you can even soften the edges of the form.

A Mid-Bald Fade with Line-UpHairstyle

For this hairstyle, all you need to do is brush up the stylish beard that is a go-to look for anyone who wants to look like a male model and can carry this look off. The mid-bald fade is great to show not too little and not too much hair. The line-up provides you a brighter and more complete look. The brush up highlights the cheekbones and the shape of the beard can be anything you want to do and make sure you look nice.

Crew Cut + High Fade

Dread and Fade

A fad haircut associated with a hair bun will look good if you can keep both well.


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