Short Sides Long Top Haircuts

No matter how different types of short haircuts are for men, most of them share a common feature –cropped sides. Short sides of long top hair are the way to go in terms of accessibility, popularity, and adaptability. The haircut’s name is quite self-explaining. While the hair on top will be kept much longer, the sides will be trimmed down. The haircut for countless guys, young and old, is easy to maintain and good-looking.

Pretty boy Waved Pompadour

Another version of the classic pompadour is expressed in this long-length hairstyle on top that adds to the height of small waves. Use strong styling products to highlight your hair.

Anthony Andrews

Cross to the British side of the pond now and see what men made of the s over there. This is Brideshead’s fantastic esthetic revisited. We’re going to start with the adaptation and as Lord Sebastian Flyte, Anthony Andrews. Although a perfect choice for casting, his blonde bangs may be somewhat out of place in the s.

Bowl cut with bangs

if you have thick hair, we can say that you are lucky! You can make different hairstyles, from a bowl to a man’s bun. You can get motivated by this man if you’ve still chosen something classy like a bowl cut males. For everyday wear, his chopped cut is excellent.

Spiky David Beckham Hairstyles

Beckham always seemed to have some kind of accentuated or discreet styling. His spiky hairstyles obtain a textured look thanks to his numerous layers. You’ll get a sharp look together with the shaved sides!

Short Haircut for Boys

Alan Beak Short spiky styles are among the most common haircuts. They look great without styling, but for special occasions or super hero outfits a touch of product goes beyond that.

Basic Quiff

Yet another way to get that gentleman vibe for your haircut is with a quiff hair. It’s easily one of the top trending short haircuts for men of the year, and we ensure that it will still be hot a few years from now. It blends smart and smooth in a brilliant way. ”

Basic Quiff

Teddy Boy Hairstyles

On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, British youth were forming their very own subculture throughout the s –Teddy Boy.

man bun haircut

The second One Direction man is none other than Harry himself, who sported this haircut when he starred in Dunkirk in Here he is posing for a photoshoot in Another Man magazine, flawlessly dressed and styled.

Quiff Hairstyle

This quiff hairstyle is right for men with square facial features. The sides are buzzed while the top is left mediumand styled with messy spikes in order to achieve the illusion of having more length.

Awesome Short Mid Fade

The mid fade haircut works best for short hairstyles. It’s the perfect solution for men who cannot or do not have time to spend styling their hair every morning.

Bedhead Haircut

Looking for a no-hassle, low commitment haircut? Just go for the bedhead look!

Joker Green Hair

Classic Comb Over Styles for Guys

Although the newest types of comb overs are really fantastic, some guys prefer not to reinvent the wheel, not to try to impress everyone with the creativeness but to wear a classic haircut that never goes out of style. Like all iconic hairstyles, the classic comb over ignores most of the newest trends in favor of old good shape and texture. How to ask for a comb over haircut? Well, you can just show him a photo of George Clooney, Robert Lowe or Justin Timberlake and ask to do exactly the same. By wearing a haircut like that, you’ll always look attractive without any difficulty –like the most of comb overs, the classic version doesn’t require extra maintenance. All you need to do to look fantastic is to buy a high-quality beauty product and make a few minutes in the morning! Popular and oh so playful, this stylish men’s cut for wavy hair is alluring and shouts success. Shorn up the sides and left medium-length up top, a lightweight curl cream will keep this style on lock all day into evening.

The Zac Efron

Another of inspiration for you as far as summer hairstyles for men are concerned can be singer and actor Zac Efron. He has come a long way since he was a teenage sensation on the Disney channel. He now wears a layered slick back haircut.

Neck Taper

For, the clean finish of a neck taper contrasts longer, looser hair. The neck fade also grows out clean, meaning you can go longer between barber visits. That’s great for guys with tight budgets orbusy schedules.

Angled Beard

Silver Fox Hairstyle

Pastel Pink Hair

This is pastel pink, a beautiful color that can be your summer look. If you’re not up for a commitment, you can just get a temporary coloring while you’re in Coachella or Burning Man and post some pictures on Instagram.

Pastel Pink Hair

Low Fade Man Bun Hairstyle

It’s a great way to add some edge to your pretty guy bun without shaving your sides over the top. In addition, growing your hair afterwards is simpler. ”

There are no limits when it comes to the potential of your hairstyle. If you were born to be a rebel, an iconic mohawk may be just what your high fade needs. The well-groomed beard is also a flattering addition to the edgy mix.

s Mens Hairstyles for Thick Hair –The Pomp

Wavy s Men’s Hairstyle

Here is the cover of a s men’s catalog which advertises a sweater that was very trendy back then. However, we are more interested in the wavy, slicked back hair, which produced the image of a clean cut and elegant man.

What Haircut Should I Get?

If you’ve ever wondered what hair We’ve broken down the different hairstyles for men according…

Eccentric Blowout Haircut Style

On the other hand, you may be a guy with a colorful personality. If you feel like we’ve just described you, take a look at this jaw-dropping blowout haircut. Not only is it creatively designed, but it also features brilliant, head-turning tones.

Tom Hardy as a Style Icon

Tom Hardy himself is a reluctant role model when it comes to style. He famously indulged in a well-documented eight-minute rant against pants and said in Esquire: “ What happened to man’s pants —you know? Because I have a very clear line, when it comes to pants.Will my beard look cooler in these pants? And can I make a clean run for the border in them?You know what I mean? And you know what’s a good start? Not looking like I’m a member of One Direction— that’s a good start. ”

Bleach, please – Platinum Blond Hairstyle

From one singer to another. Zayn Malik paired his bald fade and beard with a simple, yet effective buzz cut. Sometimes less really is more, especially when you have such beautiful and finely carved features as this Brit. This is one of his simplest designs, so check out more Zayn Malik hair!

Swept Up High Fade Mohawk

Alternatively, style your long hair upwards for a swept up mohawk.The high fadeensures a pleasant gradient from your long hair to the shaved sides.

The Gray Modern Pomp for Pretty boy

The Faux Hawk

Fohawk is an exclusive chance to achieve a genuine warrior look. Interestingly, you can ace it without shaving your sides. To imitate the fauxhawk, create a braid that goes through the center all the way down your head. Such braid styles are very beneficial for men with long and thick thatch as they help achieve the Viking braids look without any effort.

Mature Viking Hairstyles

If you’re wondering how does the Viking style mature, wonder no more. This is what a middle-aged warrior looks like. He has gorgeous salt and pepper long hair with natural curls and a very well-groomed beard.

The Tom Hardy we all know and adore inevitably sports a full beard. Most of the time, he keeps it medium-length and casually groomed. It’s basically his go-to look, appropriate for a magazine cover shoot, a red carpet premiere in a tux or everyday life in general. Therefore, it’s sure to fulfill any day-to-day needs you may have.

Stylish Bowl Cut

A golden blonde bowl cut, a supersized gold bling chain to match and a black turtleneck? What can be more stylish than this? What we love about this haircut is the precision of the bangs. They outline the model’s fine facial features and create an excellent balance with his jawline.

It’s worth noting that even when he sports a classic side part, Justin still wears his hair very messy because he’s a young man who also happens to be very cool and fresh. Guys, this is how you do a side part at the end of the s.

Twisted Slick Back Hairstyle

A modern way to enhance the slick back look is to add a twist to the hairstyle, and it is one of the best medium-length hairstyles you wish to try. It is classy, trendy, cool, and amazing and doesn’t even need much time to style your hair. To achieve the twisted slick back hairstyle, look, just get a nice haircut and with hand brush slick back your hair and add a twist to the already slicked back hair with the help of your fingers to get a twisted finish.

Gray Gradient Hairstyle

This beard smoothly connected with the beard are a great match for a true gentleman.

Taper Pompadour Haircut

Short Spiky Haircut for Boys

Short haircuts for boys are popular because they look good without styling, minimal washing and last longer between barber visits. This hair design at the temples looks cool now and can be redone, changed up or eliminated with the next cut.

Emo Style

This was a very popular haircut back in when all romantic youngsters donned the emo style. The hair is brushed to the back or parted to the side, giving the person a gloomy, yet attractive look.

Crew Cut + High Fade

Flashy Chin Strap

Pompadour Mohawk with Mullet and Long Beard

Want your hairstyle to exude extreme edginess? Try out a Viking mohawk with long, heavily teased hair. You can easily achieve the look by backcombing the top part of your hair and using some product to make sure it stays in place.

Awkward hair phases

while growing the hair longer, there comes an awkward hair phase when you don’t know how to style them in order to look presentable. a phase, when you got irritated because you cannot tie your hair into a ponytail or a knot but there is no need to worry about it because we have some amazing following suggestions for you.

The Feathered Low Fade

In this hairstyle, the end or the bottom part has almost minimal or no hair. The front portion has very chiseled cut narrow spikes. The entire look has very sharp appeal to it and is a totally clean shave look. It gives a fresh stout look to the face and slight height to the crown area of the head. Also, this hairstyle can be created with gel to get the spikes set in the front portion of the hair. Being one among the most versatile hairstyles it will not only make a man look handsome but also portray a sophisticated personality.

The curled-cue faux hawk’s grandpa is the front curl. Inspired by the s’s greaser style, the front curl has a separate sensation of rock and roll. Measuring your front curl faux hawk up a bit in the front for a contemporary adaptation.
Justin was also overwhelmed for a while by the buzz cut. He enjoyed cutting all his hair very short, but he never gave up his blonde platinum signature color which makes him look so unique to us.


Matt Bomer is a real style icon without a shred of doubt. The excellent news is that if you want, you can now copy thoughts from his classic mens hairstyles. His beautiful dark wavy locks just need a touch of hairspray and the gate is out!

Bruno Mars, the singer-songwriter, is just the first celebrity to grace our list of modern pompadour ideas. He used to adopt a classic pompadour for a long time in his career, inspired by Elvis, adding a contemporary touch with hipster sunglasses and chunky golden rings.

Bun With Beard

Pairing your beard bun is not a sort of experience, as you can do with any of the above styles. A beard contributes a masculinity layer to the look of the guy bun. Keep in mind that this look will take some additional patience because not only do you have to grow the hair on your head, but also your hair on your face.

Pretty man–Crew Cut with Beard

What if you love Vikings, but don’t deal with lengthy hair maintenance? You can merge your rough beard with a simpler haircut like crew cutting. To add more style, you can add an undercut to the mix.

William Powell Villain Look with Short Mustache

Two tone hair color

although most hair buns are made of a single colour. His hair can be colored in such a way that only the hair engaged in creating the hair bun becomes two-tone.

Platinum Effect

This is certainly one of Asian men’s latest and coolest hairstyle patterns. Looks fantastic for youngsters, but also with older guys it works perfectly, particularly if you style it well.

Classic Slicked Back Hairstyle

These high-volume styles are more likely to be achieved for males with good hair that is often difficult to arrange. Consider this ultra-slick look with a side section and definedcombtrails instead.


Induction Cut

Not to be confused with the buzz cut, the induction cut comes from military life as well as from where it was the first haircut troops to enter the army. It was a practical method that had them almost completely shave their heads.

Induction Cut

Use your lengthy warrior tresses to produce a single braid that will offer a mohawk’s illusion without shaving your head. ‘

High Fade + Wavy Hair

Complex Viking Braids Buns

Some people prefer simplicity while others love using their Viking hairstyles imagination. You can see a creative and complicated mohawk updo with two big knots in the instance below. The side braids assist get the impact from the mohawk.

Burst Fade Mohawk

Burst Fade Mohawk appears best on black boys. The bursting haircut curves skillfully to the back of the throat around the sides, and the dense, wavy hair in the center gives the ultimate finish. Not everyone with a hair design can pull off a cute burst fade mohawk, but we highly recommend it if your kid can.


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