Rifle Military Engraved Bullet Ink Pen

If the bullet opener’s thrill doesn’t reach him, that’s likely going to happen. The pen is triggered by twisting it, made of real and inert bullet parts. The fired bullet cases are etched to create this pen specifically for the officer of the Corps with a marine logo. Including the title of the marine and his rank may also be personalized.

The shells of the bullet are polished by hand to make them look bright and sparkling. Another benefit of this pen is that when the ink is completed it can be refilled. Trust us; with the marine, this donation will be a hit. So, by buying the Engraved Bullet Ink Pen, boost his excitement of real-life bullet action.

PracticalGift Ideas

Give the Navy something they’re either going to purchase for themselves or stop purchasing because it’s just a” good thing to have.” “< h2 > “Audible membership–or” < /h2 > “It would be fantastic if every Navy had the enjoyment of opening a book and immersing themselves in it. I’m getting it. Hip pocket classes after a long day of work, and being screamed at reading seems like a chore. A Marine’s next best Christmas gift is to promote audio learning. A convenient alternative Marines can be used to learn or drive to job while training in the gym.

Damascus Steel Straight Carbon Fiber Handle Razor

Keep up to date with this unique razor blade. This razor is both difficult and very sharp, made of real Damascus steel. It has a handle with a mosaic bastion pin made of true K carbon fiber. It’s one of the safest razor blades because it can be folded back to its handle. This blade will give him a close and smooth shave like a real gentleman, unlike the counterfeit blades on the market. Buy a Carbon Fiber Handle Damascus Steel Straight Razor here.


Honorable U.S. Marine Flag Display Case Military

One of the most important items for the Corps is its service flag. He’ll probably have this flag beautifully kept in the house as a marine. We suggest that you surprise him with this display case instead of stashing it away to collect dust. Made of high-quality hardwood, it was made by this nation’s best artisans. Giving it that glittering look is also polished.

The matted interior ensures that its flag is not damaged by the wooden surface. It comes as a two piece and there is no need for assembly. This glass and wooden case, designed in a triangular shape, will not only display its flag but also protect it against dust and damage. To hang it on the wall, it has brackets.

LED Flashlight Tactical Rescue Pocket Knife US Marine

This knife is useful in its line of job, making it one of the finest marine donation concepts. It has all the elements needed for a condition of emergency or survival. It has a -inch blade which is sufficiently sharp to cut many surfaces. The blade is produced of stainless steel and black anodized to guarantee it is robust and rust-resistant due to its broad applicability. A serrated section for cutting coarse materials is located on the lower portion of the sword.

The handle is made of cast metal for a tighter grip with steel bolsters. Another significant characteristic of this knife is that it has on its handle a bright LED flashlight. By rotating a cap, the LED is turned on and off. It has a cutter for the belt and a glass breaker as well. And to be sure that it’s not sold to any normal Joe, it’s got a logo from the US Marine Corps.

Military Marine Woodland Personalized Nametape Bow

Let her celebrate unique days with this bow, such as homecomings, birthdays, Christmas days, graduations and other festivities. This bow, made of military colors, will surely complement any military clothing she wears. For this continuous grip on the hair, it has a barrette clip on the back. Her name on the front of the bow will be marked to customize it. Female Marines are hard to get through, and you’ll make her feel special and extraordinary with this gift.


NCAA U.S. Marine Corps BBQ Set

Is he a cooking enthusiast? If not, don’t be afraid. He will sharpen his culinary abilities with this gift. The marine barbecue set includes a spatula, a fork, tongs and a brush. They are made of stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about their rusting prospect. A distinctive characteristic of this donation is that the spatula has a Marine Corps etched laser logo.

This characteristic alone will make him appreciate the effort you put into this gift to make sure it’s for a marine soldier in particular. You will often meet his friends with this gift as they meet for some grilled meat. Buy him the NCAA U.S. Marine Corps BBQ Set to make a chef out of your marine soldier.

Marine Corps Flag Fleece Blanket

Always keep the fleece blanket hot. It is large enough to cover him entirely with a feet-by-feet measurement. The Marine Corps logo blends perfectly with the blanket’s red color. The fact that it has a logo from the Marine Corps will make it unique to him. It’s also super smooth, enhancing his experience of sleeping.

He can readily bring it wherever he goes to maintain him warm during cold evenings, seeing that it’s light. Also the blanket is very durable and simple to wash. Another beneficial element of this blanket is that after several washes it does not disappear. Make him the envy of his peers by buying the Marine Corps Flag Fleece Blanket during mission nights.

Greeting Upcycled Silverware

This is a patriotic donation for his service patriotism. This piece is simple and elegant, yet it is one of an American citizen’s most fundamental duties that is being patriotic to this great nation. Therefore, this donation is for unique people, like your marine officer, who have shown real patriotism. Made from silverware to represent a guy holding a flag and greeting, this is the item of a collector. It’s perfect for the table of his office. Make him a proud officer by giving this gift to reward his patriotism.


U.S. Latest Price On Etsy Marine Corps Dog Tag Bottle Opener

He’ll probably need this gift to open his drinks after a long day keeping the enemy at bay. This beautiful antique is made of brass alloy finished in bronze. The front shows the U.S. Wearing a cap with a marine emblem on it, Marine’s mascot bulldog. The tagline “Devil Dogs” is on top of the dog, while the phrase “pop a cap for chesty” is below. The yellow or golden marine emblem on the back side compliments the dark red enamel background with radial lines perfectly. The letters USMC, an acronym for the U.S. Marine Corps, are above the logo. It also has a tiny hole at the top, so for easy handling it can be connected to a key holder.

USMC Custom Marine Keepsake Box “

What a beautiful way to keep it organized. This utility box, designed to look like a treasure box, will keep its treasures safe and sound. It’s made of hardwood, so it’s durable. The D marine emblem with a circular rope boundary is inscribed on top of the lid. It is etched on the front with big USMC initials.

The highlight of the box is the bulldog on both sides of the marine mascot. This is nothing more than the basic design. You can customize it further to include the name of the marine on top of the lid. You can also include a unique signal on the lid’s inverse side so he sees the message you sent him when he opens it. Keep it organized by buying it here with the Marine Keepsake Box.

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Multitool–they can connect to their hardcore martial arts belts to

Marines like “shiny stuff.” Leatherman and Gerber are producing great products. These are the brands that most Base Exchanges are carrying.

I’d almost see this as a practical gift. I have a Leatherman that I use quite often and that comes from someone who most of the day sits at a desk.

Kindle E-Reader–to

While cell phones can be used to read e-books, anyone owning a Kindle will tell you, “It’s just not the same.” An electronic book reader is a great gift for Marines deployed or expected to deploy. The load on their gear pack-up will be lightened, and the battery on these things lasts insanely long, which is convenient when entering an austere environment where power may not be readily available for days or even weeks. It would not be a bad idea to bundle this with one or two physical books. They may spend part or most of the day in a workplace where electronic devices are not allowed, depending on the occupational specialty of your Marines. It’s worth having a spare book packed away.

Kindle E-reader

Protein Powder–to

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to visit your Navy at job or in their barracks, you’ve likely noticed excessive quantities of protein powder everywhere. I see the stuff in the shops, the vehicle backseat, and smoothly lined up in the barrack rooms on dressers. It is not supposed to be surprising. As Marines, we retain a culture of fitness and have become part of that culture to work for “their benefits.” Other supplements may create a nice donation, but your Marine may be on some regiment that contains specific products. Protein Powder will be a secure bet because Marines generally begin taking the first supplement.

< Strong > Watch out! Some over the counter products may contain substances that can lead to a favorable urinalysis testing by a Marine.

Marines are advised to stick only to Base Exchange goods (list here). Below are connections on Amazon to the same products.

My personal preference is muscle milk. I generally purchase Costco’s bags.

Dymatize Body Fortress BSN


Running shoes–I walk through about a couple of running shoes a year to

My parents know this and every year around this time a new pair seems to end up under the tree. If you are interested in having your Marine if this is a donation, certainly attempt to collect some intelligence on the brand and model shoe that he or she likes. Most runners of us tend to stick to what we like.

Running shoes top brands

White undershirts quality–to

For the same reasons as above. Our dress and service uniforms wear white undershirts.

Under Armor Men’s Tactical Tech–White Thompson Tee Sweat Proof Undershirt With Underarm Sweat Pads

Hydro Flask–to

I’ve seen Hydro Flasks gaining popularity among Marines over the past year. I guess it’s just because the Exchanges began selling them in front and center. If you use a Hydro Flask to get coffee, there’s some savings. Yes, I saw Marines walking with oz of coffee from the Exchange. If it helps them to get through the day and cost just a couple of quarters, why not?


Any book from the Commandant’s Reading List–Less than

One of the first things I ask Marines when they are reading a counseling or mentoring session. At least three books from the formal reading list are needed to be read by marines each year. Recommended books are primarily classified by rank, but suggestions are also available depending on subjects such as Aviation and Leadership. Look at the books below the rank of your Marines and go there.

Brass. Caliber Bottle Opener

This marine gift-badass can only be described with one phrase. Designed to be a. This donation will resonate very well with him, caliber bullet. This bullet shell, so you know, was once part of the fired military ammunition. To give it that bullet look, it has a classic brass finish. By gravitating sweet messages on it, you can personalize it. With this donation, let him shoot off bottle caps.

View Latest Price On Bulletsbandages.org

Boot Socks–to

When confronted with a sock option shelf, the overwhelming amount of alternatives creates panic and we end up getting that bucks pack of three. A week later, this time we’re looking at the shelf again wearing one of those cheap pairs of socks that have turned all but threads after just one run in boots and one round in the washer. Then we think, “I’m going to be fine and walk away. Instead of purchasing the pack of white socks you love for that Marine, just grab them a few pairs of quality boot socks and throw them into a storage. When they change socks halfway through a mile hike, they’ll love you for it.

Thorlos is the only brand of boot socks that I aday.

Coyote Brown is the authorized primary color for wear. Marines can still wear socks of green and black, though.

ideas for educational gifts

> U.S. Marine Corps photo I’m going to start with a few simple, inexpensive and EDUCATIONAL items on these Christmas gift recommendations.

Green undershirts quality–to

Every navy ends up accumulating a stack of worn-out, shrunken, and faded green undershirts at the bottom of its seabag. Marines are paying dollars at the Exchange for a cheap pack of three and then putting them through the pressures of our everyday operations. Before they know it, the pack of three is ready to throw in the trash or use shoes to shine. Do a favor to your Marine and get them some quality undershirts that will last for a while.


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