Personalized Bobble-Head Birthday Cake Topper

This cake topper would be a one-of-a-kind gift for a wedding, birthdays, anniversary, father’s day and so on.

You can customize any figurine as you like, made of polymer clay. All you need to do is submit a picture and get the same hand-sculpted personalized figure!

What’s more incredible is that for custom painting you can even choose your favourite colors! (Image is just a reference, you can choose any design of your choice) View Latest Price on Etsy’s

Amazingly detailed-Drum-set Necklace-lovely drummers ‘ gift!

With this elegantly detailed pendant necklace, a drummer can proudly demonstrate his enthusiasm and profession in life. As you can see, this piece of rock and roll jewelry is very sensitive and professionally designed.

The pendant itself is made of chrome-plated pewter for added shine. It’s been polished meticulously, so it retains its glow and doesn’t dull with time.

In addition, the pendant’s mmx mm is paired with a waxed black cotton necklace-an excellent gift idea that could never go wrong! Look at the details that are elaborate.

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Big Floor Play Mat with Electronic Drum-Kit

A large floor mat with a drum set on it makes the drummer’s best gift, especially for teens. Believe it or not, the mat’s size is quite large.

Tom-toms, kick drum, snare, high-hat and various funky symbols are available in the mat layout.

What’s more for you in shop? This electronic kit comes with microphone headphones and drumsticks to start your karaoke as well!

It can also be combined with other musical instruments such as a piano or keyboard on the floor mats to double the fun.

Drummer Evolution-Funny Drums Sweatshirt

Add a little bit of humor to your gift with this cool and funny Sweatshirt pullover that shows Drummer Evolution. This long-sleeved sweatshirt is produced of comfortable fleece material (percent cotton-percent polyester) available in distinct colors.

During cold winters, drummers can sport this sweatshirt on any occasion or event.

DRUMS Laser-cut Brass Keychain Gift for Drummer “

A little bit of love for your profession-a Keychain “Drums!” The keychain itself, made with extreme detail, looks very appealing and stylish.

It was produced of high-grade metals and solid brass important ring, not to be forgotten, making it extra-lasting. Premium lettering is carried out with accurate method of laser cutting. So, that alone says a lot about its building of the highest quality.

Humor Drummer-theme Decal Stickers for Apple

An exceptional donation concept for all drummers, who are also owners of the iPhone, to check out these cool stickers. Would you like to add humor to your gift? These decal stickers look really mesmeric and funny with adorable little apple heads and a drum set!

Any drummer would enjoy sticking these on their phone and boasting their drum love!


Jazzy Drum Kit Cufflinks with Gift Box

Who won’t love seeing little drum sets on their cuffs! You were right to hear it. These drum cufflinks are in their own manner quite funky, cute and stylish. The connections are produced of brass and stainless steel plating due to their distinctive detail. What’s that bonus? They come with a box of gifts!

These cool little cufflinks are going to jazz up any French cuff shirt or blouses.

Bright LED HD DRUMSTICKS Color Change pair!

Give these bright LED light-up drummers to a drummer to set up the gig on fire and they’ll appreciate you for it.

These unique movement-activated LED drumsticks create hypnotic visual effects as they move in the air. And they have a cool fading impact as well.

Not just one or two, but to add pizzazz to any marching bands, acoustic or electronic kits, it produces lovely color impacts! If it’s all about fun and impacts for your drummer buddy, get this for them.

Unique iPad and Android tablets drumsticks:

Have you ever believed about playing drums with real drumsticks on your iPad or Android tablet? That’s okay. You can now offer these unique drumsticks for use on iPhone, iPod, iPad and even Android devices and tablets!

A ideal gift to play live gigs, exercise or play drum backing tracks.

With this, without damaging the screen, you can play drums on any drum or percussion app. That’s because the inner core of tough plastic is coated with a soft and smooth, highly conductive rubber material. How cool is it?

“DRUMMER” Sign for Drumming Teacher / Instructor

Any drumming instructor or teacher will enjoy this premium quality of put-on sign display at or indoors. What better way than a normal symbol to show their occupation?

Made from highly durable plastic PVC and vinyl graphics premium grade, it can readily last directly for up to years.


Best Drum Practice Pad for Drummers

Have you ever seen a very flexible and cool design practice pad?

Drumeo P Practice Pad is an excellent gift concept because it has four distinct playing surfaces to generate distinctive sensations and reactions.

Not only that, the pad also features three different levels to simulate real motions around the drum set.

Give them this great practice pad if you want any drummer in your life to have something creative to develop their control, precision, and pace on the drums! And watch them enjoy you!

Big Fat Snare Drum

One thing all drummers enjoy and want: excellent sounding drums. And when using the Big Fat Snare Drum, that’s precisely what they’ll get.

Essentially, it is a big plastic damping ring covering the head of the snare drum, providing a fat and punchy sound to any snare drum.

Big Fat Snare Drum If you know your drummer friend is playing alternative or indie music, they’re going to love to get that donation.

For size, when you ask how large the snare drum they use, you may need to be creative and pry, but most snare drums are ′′ in diameter.

Clamp-On Mic Stand Cup Holder

It’s not only tiring to play drums, it’s also a workout, particularly when playing on a hot stage. Lighting platforms can produce a lot of heat, so many individuals in a tiny club can do it.

Staying hydrated during a live show is highly essential, and opportunities are that your drummer friend might be able to use a place on stage for their water.

If you are dehydrated while playing it can result in a cramping of the legs, headaches, or even passing out in the worst case scenario.

It’s not the most interesting donation of all time, but to grab a drink of water it will relieve the annoyance of bending down to the stage.

On Stage’s cup holder readily clamps to any microphone or drum hardware stand.

Da Vinci Drummer’s Tee

Many t-shirts are accessible for drummers, but most of them are not very nice.

The Da Vinci drummer’s tee must be one of the coolest designs available, I discovered out of all the shirts accessible online.

Your favourite drummer, as well as their enthusiasm for drumming and music, will be able to demonstrate their intellect.


Have you ever believed that a Metal Disco mix could produce such a classic piece of Disc O’clock? The wall clock will surely add elegance to any room decor with recycled materials and high-quality finishing. And, the environmentally friendly gift will surely make you feel great about yourself.

You can customize it according to your decision!

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Drum Line Barricade Warning Tape

An outstanding and eye-catching gift for a drummer would be this classic yellow warning tape that reads “Drum Line-Do Not Cross.” One of the best gifts for a drummer to use at drumline activities, this tape is intentionally produced to maintain it.

The tape is “broad and available in rolls of foot, which is sufficiently large.

Drummer Cymbals cufflinks

Another drummer-Available in lovely colors such as matt gold, antique bronze, black weapon and silver. Choose any, and on the gloves they are sure to look stylish.


Drummer Rock Wall Decal

Wall decals are trendy when it comes to room decoration! They look in their manner classy, distinctive and decorative. And again, decorating your room is an inexpensive gift concept for a drummer!

You can choose any of these high-quality vinyl decal stickers in stunningly glossy colors and distinct dimensions. Each of them has an almost six-year lifespan, so that’s a top cherry!

View Latest Fancy Price

Drumstick Pencils

This one is a fun little gift for any drummer: drum stick pencils.

Young learners will love to show off their distinctive pencils in college, although they may be removed if they choose to play drums too much at their desk.

They are actually no pencils, so your drummer student should be able to take with them all their tests.

High Fidelity Earplugs

This donation is generally for music enthusiasts, not just drummers. They’re in earplugs, good at canceling the noise.

Perfect for concert goers, musicians gigging, and every drummer as well. Often, ear health is overlooked.

Funny “Drummer-Nutritional Facts” Coffee Mug

If you give this funny cup to a drummer, they will likely laugh whenever they drink coffee or hot chocolate. For a drummer, it’s a funny and lovely birthday gift idea.

Made from high-quality ceramic, the white cup features a long-lasting, appealing and lead-free full-color sublimation imprint. So, this is a yay!

“Drums are open to abuse, meaning that hardware needs to be frequently adapted or repaired. Now, give this TechTool Kit to your loved one, so they never have to go around in such crisis in search of vital instruments. The kit is appropriate for all drums, equipment and pedals from Pearl.

TechTool includes Screwdrivers, Hex Keys, and a drum key. You also get a bottle opener after a lengthy day to assist the drummer chill.

Pelican U Elite Backpack

This donation is a excellent choice for music enthusiasts and drummers. It is a very durable backpack, a route that has been tested by musicians traveling.

It is renowned for the extreme durability of its. It carries up to a padded-inch computer! Nearly no laptops are more than inches, so that any laptop can be used.


Promark S Sizzler

Drummers are all about sound experiments. Sizzle cymbals are very common, sounding so cool and distinctive.

But what if there’s no sizzle cymbal in your favourite drummer? They’re costly! There’s the S coming in.

Pro Mark allows an inexpensive item to have that amazing sizzle impact on any cymbal. This gift will enjoy your favourite drummer.

Rock Roll Drummer theme Wall Clock

A drummer theme Custom Wall Clock would create an outstanding gift as a timeless treasure for a drummer. What’s more attractive than a clock depicting your life’s enthusiasm? Available in two shapes, round and square, you can add any art, text or photo you like to customize it.

The printing process involves AcryliPrint ® HD to guarantee the best quality appearance of the clock.


ROSS Drummer’s Survival Kit

Latest Price on Zazzle I need this donation like yesterday! Drummers need secure components in all seriousness.

There’s nothing worse than being in a gig with a piece of equipment and having an emergency. It’s no fun to start with another drummer to give you a substitute portion.

For any scenario, the ROSS Percussion Drummer Survival Kit has everything essential. Whether cymbal felts are lacking, broken cymbal stand plastic sleeves, broken snare strainer string, this kit has your favourite drummer covered.

Snareweight M

Similar to the Big Fat Snare Drum we’ve just looked at, the Snareweight M offers a comparable alternative, although it’s not as intense.

The Snareweight M just dampens the drum a bit, removing nasty overtones that are susceptible to many snare drums.

Personally, I find the M more useful than the Big Fat Snare Drum, simply because it doesn’t alter the drum’s tone completely.

If I have a great sound of my snare drum and just have to dampen it a little, it’s a nice go to the M.

Alternative Idea: Moongel with drummers is always a enormous hit, and it’s very inexpensive!

Street Beat Drumsticks for iPad and Android Tablets

Although not the most practical gift out there, Street Beat drumsticks are perfect for young drummers who love their apps.

The drum sticks are intended to be used with an iPad or other tablet to perform drum applications literally with these sticks, rather than using fingers.

They are produced especially so that the unique removable rubber tips do not destroy the displays.

It is now possible to play apps like Garage Band, Drum Pad, Drums Deluxe and more with sticks.

I don’t think I’d use these personally, but they’re a pretty cool gift.

Starting Drummer’s Playset

Now how can’t we mention something for drum lovers! This colorful wooden playset would be an incredible gift concept to engage young drum enthusiasts.

Most drummers are enthusiastic about discovering fresh and exciting methods of practicing their craft. This cool wood drum is produced of oak, ash, and birch and contains six different tones of rubber mallets. It resembles the days when hollow logs were acting as tools.

< powerful > Drum Necklace Some of the finest and coolest drummers are girls and proud of them! This cool drum necklace is charming with a complete drum kit. The pendant can be adapted as the first part of the name of the recipient by adding a colored jewel to represent a birthstone and a letter.

< powerful> Drummer’s Bible You’re not going to think how many ways a drum can hit! If drumming techniques around the world fascinate the drummer in your life, this book is the perfect gift. It contains instructions on how to play any
drum < powerful > Jazz Adjustable Table When you are enthusiastic about drumming, it falls into every region of your lives. Provide a friend or loved one with this cool, adjustable table to decorate their home. Although it has a glass tabletop, the table’s legs look like a snare drum’s legs.

Laser Engraved Oak Drum Sticks His set of sticks is the most significant drummer instrument. Why don’t you customize these sticks to create them additional unique? These high-quality drumsticks, made from solid Shira Kashi oak, are perfect as-is, but the finishing touch is to have them engraved with a band name, signature, or any other text of your choice.

Drumstick Pencils Drummers sing all the time, even when they’re away from their drum sets. Turn any tabletop into the ideal drum set with these cool drumstick pencils rather than drumming with pencils. There are no erasers for the pencils because the tip looks just like the top of a drumstick.

Drumstick Mixing Spoons Everywhere drumming follows a drummer from the drum set to the kitchen table. Encourage a friend or family member to use these drumstick mixing spoons to play with their food. They are fully functional as mixing spoons as well as drum sticks.

Most drummers are looking to stand out. Most formal wear and accessories look the same, unfortunately. With these cool cymbal cufflinks, customize the look of a friend or family member. They are classy enough for even the most formal occasion because they are covered with glass.

iPad Galaxy Tablets Drum Kit Gone is the days of bulky sheet music folders. It is now easy to store and view sheet music on a tablet computer. This music drum kit stand is directly attached to the drum set and maintains iPads and Galaxy tablets safely.

Prices Vary
Beatles Signature Drum Fridge Magnet Every rock and roll guitarist pays homage to the aforementioned talented performers, and there may be no more talented rock band than the Beatles. This magnet displays the Beatles bass drum encircled by the band members ‘ four signatures.

Little Drummer Boy Pillow It can be a true challenge to decorate a drummer room. Look no further than this little drummer boy pillow if you’re searching for the ideal ornamental pillow. It makes a excellent holiday pillow, but the song’s easy and stupid version also makes it a fun pillow for the room of a drummer.

Ultimate Drummer’s Tool Unlike most other instruments in the group, to play a drum also implies to use tools. It is necessary to tighten the heads of the drum and adjust the pedals. The instrument of this drummer comes with instruments in one, so your loved one will never again have to go looking for the correct instrument.

does not always take place on a drum set. Bring life to the air drumming antics of a friend or family member with this small drummer toy. You can regulate the motions of a little drummer using handheld air drumming sticks, generating your own air drum chant!

Drummer Street Sign Make sure everybody in the house understands precisely where this drummer street sign lives. It is produced of PVC plastic of external grade so it can be readily hung both inside and outside. It looks fantastic hanging on the door of a bedroom or garage.


Drumstick Bag Each drummer has a stick arsenal. Unfortunately, it can be a nightmare to carry all those sticks. This cool drumstick roll-up bag will hold all the drumsticks in one location. You can customize the colors and logo, making it the ideal gift for a musician from high school.

Drummer Degree There is no reason why the donation of each drummer should be so severe! Skip the drumsticks and accessories and instead give a laugh. You can customize this gag diploma with the name of the recipient. It will look fantastic hung up on any wall because it looks so professional.

Prices Vary

Chili Pepper Maracas Cardboard Tube Although these sweet chili pepper maracas are ideal for children, they are probable to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Despite being geared towards Cinco de Mayo, at any drummer’s party they can be decorated or used as party favors.

Drum Ornaments You can produce classic drum decorations for the drummer in your life using a simple ancient toilet paper tube and a small construction paper. Despite being made to hang on a Christmas tree, you could string together various drums to add a little flair to the bedroom of a drummer.

Gourd Drum Gourds can be used to produce a broad range of incredible crafts. If after your craftsmanship you have a big dried gourd left over, attempt this gourd drum. Not only is it fully functional, it would be the ideal ornamental item to put on a shelf with its distinctive look.

Phantom Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Speaker Ultimate Ears Boom

Perfect to be frank with that unique person in your lives. A speaker that’s bluetooth! This brand is incredible, and because of its size it is extremely strong.

I have one of those speakers, too, and I enjoy it! I take it as waterproof and shockproof everywhere.

I’d suggest this speaker if you’re shopping for a drum lover. It is highly long-lasting and will last a long time. I’m constantly using mine at the beach, it’s extremely noisy.

Unique Drummer Pebble Art

Nothing demonstrates your gratitude better than a handmade gift with minute information.

This drummer-theme Pebble Art Frame is such a wonderful gift. Very elegant in any manner, any drummer would be happy to receive such a donation of creative artwork.

Supported by white or black frame and polystyrene plastic premium quality, the artwork creates a sleek glass impact.

Who wouldn’t love to hang in their space this complex piece?

View Latest Price on Etsy

Vic Firth Stick Caddy

One of the most frightening things a drummer can do in a live environment is to drop a mid-song stick and fumble around attempting to grab it off the ground.

That’s what makes the Vic Firth Stick Caddy for all drummers such an appealing gift.

All drummers must have access to additional sticks. Whether a drummer breaks a stick or drops one, a stick caddy is a great gift and it will be loved by the drummer in your life.

It is not a glamorous gift, but one that will be used in the configuration of every drummer.

If the option of Vic Firth doesn’t seem correct, check out three other excellent alternatives on drum stick holders in our article.

Zildjian ′′ K Con Cutting Board

This gift is intended for drummers who like cooking. It’s a cutting board from the Zildjian brand.

Zildjian is one of the biggest cymbal businesses on the market that makes this gift with almost every drummer resonate.

From experience, I can inform you that merchandise branded as a vendor is a wonderful gift. Over the years, I enjoy all the vendor merchandise I’ve received as donations.

Zildjian Drummer’s Towel

It is a huge error to go on stage without a towel. Unless you play light jazz in a wine bar, your drummer friend will probably work up a large sweat playing on stage.

It can be an intense activity to drum up. The towel of the Zildjian drummer is a excellent gift for any drummer, particularly when using cymbals of Zildjian.


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