The French Braid

Man braids are considered to be next big thing. We’ve had the man buns and the top knots and now we have man braids. They are just normal braids imported from women’s fashion and styling which you can pair up with your man bun.

What Is Man Braid?

A great thing about braided boys is that the style can give both worlds the best. Combined with a taper fade haircut on both sides and back, a fade with braids provides men an elegant yet contemporary look. If you have the style of fashion to promote masculine braids, we suggest that you attempt braided hair to alter your look once.

Manbraid Zero Fade

First, the top knot. Then we were treated in a heated debate to the man bun, the hairstyle that sent the whole world. Next came braids from the guy or braids from the warrior. Here’s a blended instance of a skin fade.

Dutch man braids

braided male medium hairstyles are now much more interesting.

The IcebergBraid

There is nothing better about Viking hairstyles than a platinum blonde hair color and a perfectly crafted man braid. Make sure that your roots are darker than the blonde of the ice to make it look natural. Using a razor, create some difficult components.

How to Style Braids for Men

If you have manageable hair, you can start with no preparation but use the spray bottle to mist your hair with water if your hair is harder to work with. You don’t want to drill your hair––moist it enough to work with it flexibly. Brush your hair or comb it to get out all the knots and kinks. Locate your braid in the area you want. Grab that hair section and split it into three parts. You can use your fingers or a comb to do this.

Double Buns with Braids

You can believe of using double buns as a manner to complete them if you have two braids as the primary highlights of your hairstyle. Make sure the braids are produced vertically and as parallel as feasible to prevent an impact of pigtails. Thus, instead of on the sides, they will end at the back of your head. ”

Single braid

this straight lengthy hair. But at the same time, styling your hair is a great long-term way as well. The long fishtail braid is complemented by clean sides. The hairstyle looks smooth and tidy, suitable for all kinds of facial structures.

Braids Edge Up Haircut

If your plan is to protect your long natural locks, you should try some type of., for example, often look appealing in combination with a shape up haircut. Like dreadlocks, to make the line-up, you need to reserve a tiny piece of hair around the front.

Braided Mustaches


Man Bun and Braids

“Feminine and inappropriate is the common misconception of men’s hairstyles. Obviously, some males may look quite exceptionally appealing with this hairstyle depicted by a man’s bun and topbraids.

Two Braids with Fade

Braid Into BunHairstyle

You can temporarily wear braids by mixing them into your man bun. You can bring a few locks on one side and French braid them halfway as soon as your hair has a good length. Wrap the remainder of your hair in the bun as you would normally.


Even easier to do by yourself, this man braid. It’s a straightforward three-strand braid starting from the top of your head. Bonus–as messy as you want, you can create it. The concept is to demonstrate off your bald fade and accessories.

Braided Bun

Braided Top Knot with Full Beard

Box Braids High Top

Box braids, specifically, are dominating the charts for hairstyle trends right now. You can use them to mix new school and old school vibes in a single haircut that complements your personality. Plus, whenever you decide to remove the braids, you’ll have the perfect canvas ready for a flat top.

Dreadlocks and Braided Patterns

Most types of braids flatter dreadlocks. You just have to find the right combination that works for you as well as for your facial type, the color of your eyes and the kind of hair you have.

Best Man Bun Braids Hairstyles

From the braided top knot to the -braid man bun to high top braids, we’ve compiled the best man bun braid hairstyles. Below, you’ll discover some awesome man bun braids and ideas to help you get the most from your long hair. If you aren’t sure how to do a bun by braiding your hair or you need fresh braided bun styles to keep things interesting, you’ll love these cool braided man bun hairstyles.


Best New Man Braid Hairstyles

So many cool men’s style braids are hitting the world of hairstyles right now. It is becoming increasingly accepted to carry their hair in cornrows at work for males with afro-textured hair (and not only). Yet it does not make it any less edgy or cool somehow.

Braided Top Knot

The braided top knot is nothing more than a person bun tied low on the head, and a braided top knot bun hairstyle is a sexy way to style this cool look. Before pulling it up into the bun, you can braid all of your hair in rows, or you can pull your hair into a big ponytail, braid it, and then twist the braid to make the knot.

The Jumbo Helix Braids

This is a variation of the helix we saw earlier, only a lot bigger in size. It’s time to get creative with your Viking hairstyles and allow them to transform you into a real warrior from a thousand years ago.

Reverse Braid Man Bun Hairstyle

On the other side, for your man bun hairstyle, you can choose an out – of-the-box strategy. Bow your head and start braiding from your nape upwards to get the reverse braid part. Once you have reached your head’s crown, complete it in a bun. ”

The s also witnessed the flat top haircut enjoy a considerable boost in popularity. It was a practical and easygoing alternative for the complicated greased hairstyles of the time. The flat top boogie, specifically, was one of the hottest version. It would combine elements from a traditional flat top and the back of a ducktail hairstyle to get a simple yet alluring haircut for men with short hair.

The Neymar Haircut with Braids

At first glance, you might be fooled that these are dreads. However, upon closer inspection you will notice that they are, in fact, very thin classic three-stranded braids. The combination with an undershave, a top ponytail, and a beard makes him look really cool.

Braided Dreadlocks Bun

This exceptional hairstyle deserves a place in your list of ideas. The hairstylist’s initial strategy deserves praises. Recommended for males with lengthy hair this hairstyle.

Back Braid with the Shaved Head and Beard

You may be shunning your friends, your family may disown you, but you’re going to look cool. And you can throw firebolts (maybe) at your enemies.

Best Man Bun Braid Hairstyles

The best braided man buns for you may not be the best for someone else, so it’s important that you think about your hair’s texture, thickness and length when deciding which of these hair type , and others are better-suited for men who have thick or wavy hair. The cool part about all these styles is whether you want to braid in a distinct direction or position your bun higher or lower than you see in the examples, you can customize them in any manner you want.

The Ivy League haircut is, by definition, a kind of crew haircut, with only longer hair. Knowing this, the idea of a classic crew cut that has just a hint of Ivy League styling can easily be played around. Jake Gyllenhaal demonstrates us how this shot takes place.


Talking about man braids and Viking hairstyles, this is an interesting way to blend them. Use your lengthy warrior tresses to produce a single braid that will offer a mohawk’s illusion without shaving your head.


You would be amazed to see how large the effect details like braiding instructions on the hairstyle are. Zigzag braids will give a huge dynamic boost to your appearance, adding flavor to your physical presence as a whole. At the same time, for nearly any occasion, zigzag braids are perfectly wearable.


One of the clearest examples to demonstrate the idea is that creativity is the core of any braided hair infinity braid hairstyles shown below.

Male Braided Top KnotHairstyles

If you think braids can’t look manly, look at the pictures above again. Amazing are male braided top knots! However, the short hair can not be braided. The long hair is difficult to achieve because waiting for long hair to grow is too long and exhausting. Top knot is easy to get and easy to braid, and even in its classic variant it looks fabulous. So don’t worry about experimenting with your hairstyle, but do your tests wisely. A few top knots, braids, or shaved temples–these are the options for hair styling that you can easily try.

Braids, Bun, and Pomp

You can see the most complex hairpompadour-top and a short man bun in the back of this picture. ”

Man Bun Undercut with Braids

The man bun undercut with braids looks much like the taper fade cut above, but rather than a fade that gradually gets shorter as it works its way down beyond the ears toward the nape, undercut hairstyles are all one length. The braided man bun undercut offers the same contrast and focus on the hair on top, and is often paired with a thick beard for a rugged, masculine look. Easy going, the relaxed faux hawk features short hair on the side with a loose pull upward. The hair is often unkempt but still formed into a faux hawk shape with some help from gel or spray. It is great for men who spend more time in casual affairs.

Men’s Braids And Bun

A simple bun can transform into a truly refined look: just add some man braid to it and see the difference! Whatever braiding technique you like the most can take part, and your task is to create as many braids as possible and simply twist them where you please or ask your barber make you some amazing look. A man bun with braids is something that every guy with a long mane should try in his life!

Fade with Asymmetric Braids’s trending content!

The Braided Top

Here is one of the most interesting long hairstyles for black men and definitely one of our favorites. It’s an undercut with a shaved design and a very long top that has been braided. The under shave itself has also been combed and gelled into perfection.

Tight Braid Beards

Braids and Man Bun

To demonstrate our point, here’s another instance. With his appearance, the singer is open-minded, never hesitating to explore methods to produce distinctive hairstyles that capture attention. ”

Low French Braid

So if you’re the kind that wants to jump on the trends and take loads of Insta images, we recommend you cut your hair like that. It’s a slick-back V undercut, a man bun, and a guy braid, of course.

What do I need to braid the man?

Undercut Threaded Braids

Wavy Braids

If summer’s knocking at the door, you might as well get a set of braids that match the season. Wavy cornrows are fresh, intriguing, and practical –all bundled into one. We also appreciate the effort that went into the striking symmetry of the hairstyle.

Pulled Back BraidsHairstyles

Rapper Asap rocky is not only famous for its music but also for its initial braided hairstyle. Often, depending on how long they are, he pulls his braids back into tiny ponytails or buns. If you are inclined to wear braids, you can follow his style. ”

Rugged hair with braid

However, the Viking appearance we’re all used to can best be described as rough. Vikings are usually associated with pictures such as the one below with lengthy hair, rugged beards, and fierce attitudes.

The Iceberg Braid

Nothing tells Viking hairstyles better than a blonde platinum hair colour and a perfectly crafted man braid. Make sure that your roots are darker than the blonde of the ice to make it look natural. Using a razor, create some difficult components.

Cool Braids For Guys

Male braids are uprooting classic haircuts for guys and just like the man bun, men with braids are becoming more socially acceptable. If you have medium-length to long hair and need to keep it out of the way for sports or work, consider braids for men a trendy way to hold your hair back.

If you pair a faux hawk with a fade haircut, you get a rugged hairstyle that still has style written all over it. Most of the time, a mid fade will do, but you can also level up with a high fade for more of a bad boy vibe.

Tangerine Braids

Pick one of the cool men’s fear styles if you have medium hair and are tired of wearing the same hair style. For a more amazing look, you can choose to go with various braided dreadlocks.

Man Bun with BoxBraids

As you can already say, a man bun is a trendy way to style your hair, but it often only attracts attention to the top. Spice up the sides of this style with a braid of your choice for a fresh new take on the man bun–French braid, fishtail, or typical beach.

How To Create Man Bun Braids

Although it’s much easier to leave it to the barber, you can still pull off a man bun with braids yourself. Follow these simple steps and your men braids bun will be the talk of the town.

Fade braids

Flower Design Braids

Double Buns with Braids

If you have two braids as the main highlights of your hairstyle, you can think about using double buns as a way to finish them. To avoid a pigtails effect, make sure that the braids are created vertically and as parallel as possible. That way, they’ll end at the back of your head instead of on the sides.

ManBun with Braids



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